Michael Jordan Wealth Mentality

Making a year to $ 250,000 sounds like an unavailable amount for some people. But if you have the "Michael Jordan Wealth Mentality", it will be available. Michael Jordan is arguably the biggest basketball player playing the game. I remember that NBA TV analyst Ahmad Rashad asked Jordan in an interview that he consistently scored 30 points for a game? Jordan simply replied: "I do not think that I can get exactly 30 or 40 points in my game, according to my game plan, four times four times each quarter and free throws when it's frustrated." If we look at this, within fourteen minutes, four out of four can be quite well done, and once we finish the 32-point game, and if we add to the free throws, we can see Jordan consistently scored 30-40 points.

Allows you to analyze how to make $ 250,000 in one year using "Michael Jordan Wealth Mentality". Annually, $ Million $ 20,000 a month or $ 5,000 a week. Let's start with an article (a shirt) that I sold for $ 35. In order to get $ 5000 in a week, I had to sell 140 neck. Selling 140 pieces of the same lot was hard for the first time, and since I was exhausted by selling them Dallas / Fort Worth, I used a strategy used by the rich to spend the time, money, or efforts of others to achieve the desired result . I accepted that three people sell me the items for some of the profits.

Now 140 items are divided into three people each week, with 47 items per week, or 10 polo shirts per day (and only 5 business days). Now this was a cakewalk for me and it was so easy for me to advertise at Craig List and two more people sold me items in Houston, TX and then in small towns (Tyler, Longview, etc.) and more. And it's even easier if different items such as Sean John Jeans, NBA hat, etc. Since I knew that she had succeeded in the hip-hop clothing market, but she could replace any clothes with any other product or service that I like, and it could be six digits.