Michael Jordan – the greatest of all time

The legendary Michael Jordan, known all over the world, was a professional basketball player. He was the most popular in the game. Court performances were almost incredible. Whatever he could do in court. Jordan played for Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He has won 6 World Championships with Bulls. Jordan also played baseball when he first retired from the NBA. He played for Chicago White Sox. There will never be other players like Mike!

He attended North Carolina University and won a national title when he won the game. He was attracted to the NBA and played for the Chicago Bulls. He entered the New Year's Eve when Jordan set off as he announced. He has released numerous awards and won several awards. Part of the Year of the Player of the Year prize-winners, Guardian of the Year, MVP of the Year and Senior Player of the Year. Many people looked at MJ for their great talent. He became the model and the pedestrian icon. After winning the Bulls title first, he retired and decided to play baseball.

After returning to the NBA, he won three more titles with the Bulls. Then he retired again. During this time he stared at the movie called Space Jam. He also came out with a movie called Mike Mike. Jordan is good in many other sports such as baseball and golf. After making these films, he returned to the NBA for the last time to play with the Washington wizards.

If you never hear about Mike, do research. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. You can find many cool and interesting facts around the globe. I suggest you look up some of your clips and be surprised at the things you use in court.