Michael Jordan Curse? The post-dynasty bulls just can not understand

With the exception of the magnificent Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls was the biggest disappointment in the NBA this season. From the 49th win campaign and the opening championship sweep of the defending champions (from the aforementioned Heat), the Bulls were awarded the Eastern Conference Championship this year. But there was something terribly wrong along the way. The management did not score the low score that the team had unfortunately had to raise to elite status. Luol Deng and Ben Gordon have all refused profitable contract extensions in the pre-season ($ 10 million a year), and they struggled with the pressure to negotiate a better contract every season. Ben Wallace proved to be one of the most harmful free agent acquisitions in the past decade. And perhaps most inexplicably, Kirk Hinrich planted a minimum average point, as evidenced by a drop in rainfall (16.6 ppg, .488 FG%, .154% 3pt%, 17.07 PER 2006-07, 12.2 ppg, 414 FG%, 0.335 3%, 13.18 PER 07 -08). Bulls fans like me, the breakthrough came a month before the trading deadline, when for years the speculation has been for superstars for years, such as Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant, the Bulls highly traded for Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden. The team is completely confused and faced again in the long rebuilding phase.

Unfortunately, this pattern reflects the recent history. After Michael Jordan retired, Bulls was one of the least successful franchisees in the sport and, overall, collected a .366 winner, with an average of 30 victories each year.


Record: 13-37 (strike shortened season)

Outline: Corey Benjamin (pick 28)

Key Contributors: The New Year's Eve: Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Brent Barry

Comments: Jerry Krause has made famous Phil Jackson from Chicago and replaced the overwhelmed Tim Floyd. However, even the Zen Master could not do anything with this group that Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Luc Longley had left.


Record: 17-65

Outline: Elton Brand (Selection 1, Collector of the Year), Ron Artest (pick 16)

Transactions: Toni Kukoc won the first round of Washington with John Starks and Bruce Bowen.

Commentary: Number of Rebuilding Efforts 1. Jerry Krause has announced that Elton Brand will be his strength in the next ten years after he has chosen him as the No. 1 collector in a cumulative draft. In the middle of the first round Ron Artes are standing and they have been able to evaluate the Kukoc business. They seemed to be respected, especially when Brand looks like a possible superstar in the first year.

Note: Marcus Fizer (pick 4), Jamal Crawford (pick 8), Dalibor Bagaric (pick 24), AJ Guyton (pick 32), Jake Voskuhl pick 33)

Ron Artest, Brad Miller

Transactions: Ron Mercer and Brad Miller signed free agents.

Commentary: This is undoubtedly one of the most destructive seasons in NBA history. First of all, Bulls had enough caps to sign one of the most prominent freelancers in the year that Tim Duncan (who did not give them the daylight) was their first choice, and their second choice was Grant Hill. But they really think it was one good thing to come out of this season) and their third and most realistic target, a young guard / rapper, Tracy McGrady. Bulls was so convinced that they signed with them that they signed a press release on their signature. Unfortunately, Orlando stood up and the Bulls wasted money on Ron Mercer. Then their draft was a shame (see above), because they were bad years to get the best of the 34 spiders. They simply signed by visiting the little-known Brad Miller at the free agency. Overall, however, all the money and sketch choices that came up with nothing and convinced the leadership that further reconstruction was needed.


Record: 21-61

Outline: Tyson Chandler (pick 2), Eddy Curry (pick 4), Trenton Hassell (pick 30), Sean Lampley Contributors: Jalen Rose, Marcus Fizer, Jamal Crawford

Transactions: Elton Brandet was turned to LA Clippers for Tyson Chandler. Signed Eddie Robinson for a Free Agent Transaction. Tim Billyd instead of Bill Cartwright. Attended by Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Ron Mercer, Kevin # Indiana Jalen Rose, Travis Best, Norm Richardson and a second round.

Note: Rebuilding Force 2. The Bulls completely turned around and decided to build two at 18 in Chandler and Curry. It will never be enough to explain why they deal with Brand with an unproven teenager. The Bulls claimed that Brand did not reappear with them when the contract was raised, but Brand later denied that claim. Also in the midseason they made another horrible move, and Artest and Miller shot talented young players to Jalen Rose. It was around them when Bulls fans realized that Jerry Krause was completely unclean. The only hope in this franchise was to build a superstar's annual lottery and that dream came true in the next draft. Jason Williams (pick 2), Roger Mason Jr. (pick 31), Lonny Baxter (pick 44) Donyell Marshall, Marcus Fizer, Jamal Crawford, Eddy Curry, Jay Williams, Tyson Chandler

Transactions: Donyell Marshall signed an agent deal. Jerus Krause announced his resignation and replaced John Paxon.

Note: Light is at the end of the tunnel. Despite the fact that the results were still not there (the team had an astonishing 3-38 record), Bull had the first talent in their list for the first time in five years. There were two main reasons for the novel optimism of the Bulls fans. One was the resignation of Krause who lost the fan's bass faith by abolishing Brand, Artest and Miller. The other was Jay Williams's arrival, which resembled the prince like Isiah Thomashoz. Williams had difficulty in his first season in Chicago, but his talent was undeniable. He was one of the most popular sketch choices in his recent memory and brave the Bulls as their leader of the future. Curry, Chandler and Williams (and to a lesser extent Crawford and Fizer), the Bulls seemed to be one of the brightest futures for all NBA teams.


Record: 23-59

Draft: Kirk Hinrich (pick 7), Mario Austin (pick 36), Tommy Smith (pick 53)

Major Contributors: Jamal Crawford, Eddy Curry , Kirk Hinrich, Antonio Davis

Transactions: Scottie Pippen signed an agent deal. Fired Bill Cartwright and Scott Skiles's top coach. Lonny Baxter, Donyell Marshall and Jalen Rose for the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Antonio Davis, Chris Jefferies and Jerome Williams in return. Jay Williams's resignation.

Note: The absolute catastrophe leads to the beginning of the third restoration effort. One week before the 2003 Big Draft, where the seventh pick was held, Bulls learned that the future midway Jay Williams motorcycle would fall into a street collapse, separating a main nose on his feet, breaking the pool and breaking three tapes on his left knee. Needless to say, he has not played in the NBA ever since. This forced the drastic change of the strategic plan and put an end to rumors with which Williams went to Denver Nuggets for the third place in the draft (which turned out to be Carmelo Anthony). Burning the injury, Heat stunned everyone by choosing Dwyane Wade with the fifth poker, most of whom thought Chicago would be on number 7. The Bulls, however, are Kirk Hinrich, a permanent, hard-minded player whose abilities simply can not measure Wade. Eddy Curry (who scored impressive 17.9 ppg and 7.5 rpg) all the young players were holding back as the injuries and poor play were diverted between Tyson Chandler and Marcus Fizer. All this contributed to Bill Cartwright being shot. Overall, this is one of the two most depressing seasons of the post-dynamic era (with the 07-07 race together). Sketch: Ben Gordon (pick 3, NBA 6 year old man), Luol Deng (pick 7), Chris Duhon (pick 38) Crew: Kirk Hinrich, Eddie Curry, Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Tyson Chandler, Andres Nocioni

Transactions: Purchased from Phoenix Luol Deng in the Future Conditional Round 1,. They signed and sold Jamal Crawford, Jerome Williams, Knicks, Dikembe Mutombo, Othella Harrington, Frank Williams and Cezary Trybankski. Signed Argentine forward Andres Nocioni. Translated Dikembe Mutombo to Houston for Eric Piatkowski, Adrian Griffin and Mike Wilks.

Comments: The most exciting season of the post-dynamic era began in one of the biggest off-season franchise history. Paxson received a franchise-variable draft and raised two potential stars in Gordon and Deng and in the second round (Duhon). The rookie class was even better after signing Nocioni, nicknamed "Red Bull" for his energetic game style. Instead of free agent Jamal Crawford's pay, Paxon set up a marker and trade that significantly improved the team's payment capability. The team seemed to have lost their first nine games due to old tricks at the beginning of the season, but in January it was one of the most dangerous teams in the Eastern Conference. Deng and Curry injured by the end of the year, the first game appeared, leaving the list of games as they were 98, resulting in a double loss in Washington in a thrilling series. However, even the disappointing ending could not slip for a fantastic season as the Bulls stopped every moment in the near future.


Record: 41-41

Sketch No Results

Contributors: Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, Tyson Chandler Timothy, Mike Sweetney, a 2006 round of 1st round, the 2007 New York qualifying round, 2007 and 2009 in the second round.

sadly ended the era of Baby Bulls. After Curry refused to take a team-mandated DNA test for the heart disease that had hindered him at the end of the 05th day, Paxson sent him to New York for a lot of migration. Chandler rethought $ 10 million per season and regressed, averaging 5.3 ppg. Without having a single low score scorer and their best internal defender who struggled to fulfill his contract, the team stumbled and lost six more games than last season. They came out again in the first round of the playoffs and lost the boost they had earned in the previous year. The team, however, received an unexpected gift from Larry Brown Knick, who went 23-59 and coming to Bulls the second round of the upcoming draft due to the conditions of the Curry Agreement.


Record: 49-33

Outline: Tyrus Thomas (pick 4), Thabo Sefolosha (pick 13)

Key Contributors: Luo Deng, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Ben Wallace, Andrés Nocioni, Chris Duhon

Transactions: Tramp Thomas and Viktor Khryapa will receive the Royal Prize No. 4 from Portland in exchange for LaMarcus Aldridge (Texas) and for the future second-round culling. He signed Ben Wallace to an agent agent. Acquired PJ Brown and JR Smith for New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets for Tyson Chandler. Jr Smith turned to Denver Nuggets in exchange for Howard Eisley and two 2007 second-round traps from Nuggets.

Note: Although this team finally reached the first round of the playoffs and won the most games in the post-dynamic era, I always consider this one year of missed opportunities. First, they decided to spend their entire cap with a free agent of Ben Wallace and, as a result, turned Tyson Chandler into ten dollars (Chandler's trade, as well as Curry's trade in 4th year's rebuilding last year). It is quite possible that Chandler has never filled his potential in Chicago. It was just as well that Wallace had passed the primary, which proved to be the case, and that was a disastrous change for Bullok. Then, under the draft, LaMarcus Aldridge was elected, but then sent to Portland by Tyrus Thomas. Two years later, Aldridge averaged 17.7ppg and 7.3rpg, while Thomas's inconsistency averaged 6ppp and 4.4rpg. During the season the Bulls were successful, but on the last day of the season in the upcoming playoff with 2nd seed Chicago lost New Jersey and dropped to fifth place in the conference. Cleveland, who liked the 2nd seed, went to the NBA Finals, while Bulls was eliminated in Detroit in the second round. Again, the Bulls from the Knicks & # 39; troubles, and Curry trade gained 9th in the upcoming draft.


Record: 33-49

Draft: Joakim Noah (pick 9), Aaron Gray (pick 49), JamesOn Curry (pick 51), Andrés Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Kirk Hinrich, Joakim Noah

Transactions: Scott Scott was dismissed and Jim Boylan was named Temporary Head Coach. Three team championships in Chicago, Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and a 2009 second round, Cleveland, and Adrian Griffin entered Seattle. Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Cedric Simmons and Shannon Brown.

Commentary: At least they realized that they had to end the Ben Wallace era, and Noah Joakim had to play more. Anyway, it was a shocking horrible season.

As can be seen from the above, every time this franchise has made progress over the past ten years, it is somehow two steps backwards. Bull-fans like me do not want any harm as we remembered the memory of the Jordan era. Unfortunately, we will not add these memories at anytime soon as the 5th recovery efforts are in the off-season.