Michael Jordan became the best basketball player at all times?

Michael Jordan was not only the best basketball player, also known as an American icon. Jordan was one of the leading basketball figures in the mid-80s until the end of the 90s, and was among the most important sports. But his journey, taken by "Air", was never easy.

We've all been disappointed and rejected, Michael Jordan was no different. Jordan tried the high school basketball team but was rejected because it was considered short to play at the college level. But Jordan did not go back from his dreams. He joined the junior college, where he presented his basketball skills. Finally, he moved to another level in high school and high school years.

In the early stages of his life, Jordan showed how inclined to be the best basketball player he can be. This was the first lesson Jordan had taught us how to return from failure and rejection. There are other college and professional games that have tried to make their determination but continued until he could name his name in athletic historical journals.

Jordan's recipe to be the best basketball player is actually simple and indispensable lessons both inside and outside the sport world.

• Responsibility. Jordan took responsibility for his actions inside and outside the basketball court. This is obvious from one of his popular quotes: "Some just want things to happen, others hope, while the rest of it is happening."

• Danger. Jordan is not only known for the best basketball player, but also in other areas. He is also an Olympic athlete, actor and businessman. Jordan would never have caught up in this area if he did not take the risk that he only played in his comfortable zone.

• Commitment and Commitment. Jordan was a symbol of hard work and practice.

• Enjoy the game. The reason why successful people are in their chosen craft because they like what they are doing.

• Humility. Actor or athletes often forget their humble beginnings and sometimes show arrogance.

• Set target. The goals motivate both adults and children, so it is important to set up feasible or achievable goals.

• Taking the moment. Jordan thought he was doing things he could do now. Opportunities should never be postponed, but with both hands he seized it.

Wonderfully, we thought that in the life of Jesus only eyeglasses were important life-work / lessons we tend to underestimate or underestimate. Michael Jordan's successful recipe was not really a secret, but rather a concept of determination, hard work, and passion.

Of course Jordan has skills that we never know. We may never have the same vertical jump or the same speed, but when we do something that is good or something that we love or pass, then surely the next best thing will be.

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