Michael Jordan – Basketball Player Blindfolded Free Throw's Story Teaches MLMers to Imagine Winning

Michael Jordan, basketball dunk and free throwing champion, says, "Some people want it to happen, some want it to happen and others happen." In the 1997 championship games, when Bill Bartmann had been negotiating a deal for the Chicago Bulls for $ 200 million, Jordan closed his career with closed eyes. We can learn a lot about how to achieve success from a story Bill Bartmann has reported on a recent business training.

Michael and Bill talked on the bench before the Chicago Bulls and Seattle Supersonics. Bill told Michael a book he wrote. Bill said that one topic sees the future and an imaginary success before it happens. Michael quickly replied: " Oh, I got it." 196 Bill Bill told him he did not know because he had not told him anything yet. But Michael answered firmly, "I know exactly what you're going to say, practice and free throws in my mind, I can imagine the results before I can do it." I could do it. "Then Bill Bartmann set off to court before Bill was in his street shoes and later remarked, "But when you buy a team for $ 200 million, you will walk with street shoes." Michael went to the free drift line and turned to the basket Bill Bartmann stood before him, and Michael Jordan said, "Look out for me." He closed his eyes, took out the basketball, slipped and caught it, closed his eyes, leaned on his knees, pressed his elbows and followed him, Bill watched forever, locked them behind Bill and Bill heard that there was a rumble. "It's cool, Michael, it's really wonderful," Bill exclaimed and disbelieved.

Michael Jordan laughed and said, " See, before it is imaginary. "

In the last two minutes of the tournament, the bulls fell by four points, two minutes later, four down, Michael injured, climbed to the free throw line and looked over where Bill Bartmann was sitting on the stage and winked. , what will Michael Jordan do? There was not another man in the stadium who knew what he was going to do with Jordan, but Bill did not, he only knew Michael was free to watch the free throws

He did it. In the lesson, Michael teaches his example, no matter who we are, what we are doing, where we are or what we want to achieve, we can practice success in our heads, and if we imagine the MLM techniques and achievements and we will practice it well enough then we will not be afraid, to meet anybody, we are able to present any presentation, perform any task, win any person and win in any business. MLM's career aspires to seek out results and these results come "Some people want this to happen, some want this to happen, others can happen" still closed