Michael Jordan – Basketball legend

Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, the fourth of five children. This year, the family moved to Wilmington, NC. Jordan played in secondary school in secondary school. Since then he has been playing at university and has been a leader in North Carolina and studied scholarships in North Carolina.

Jordan became acquainted in 1984 after graduation at the college but Akeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie were selected in the draft.

Michael stands up with all the greatness of the American sports legend. Jordan was so talented that he would become a hero for sports fans around the world. This talent, the character and the good class were in the court and the court that so many love him. Their reputation and skill are intertwined, as only others, such as Ali, Babe, Bambino Ruth and Gretzky.

His incredible moves and beautiful excuses captured the fans. The fans seemed bigger than life in court.

Although he enjoyed the good life of wealth, he remained honest. It has millions of millions of Bulls and many millions of Wheaties, Gatorade and McDonald's. Air Jordan shoes boosted Nike's growth as others did.

Larry Bird was the one who said, "In fact, God is disguised as Michael Jordan."

Michael was great. Not all of his natural talents. He worked hard and mercilessly. today is a legend and not just a talent, but a burning desire to win every game.

Did not know when to stop. In a game where some people are satisfied with their work, the six or six "Jordan has always sought more, both on their own and on their teams." He always waited for everyone to play the game as hard as he played. "one wonderful coach said.

Jordan found a number of key points that had great impact on the game and pressure was exemplified by many of the jumper jumper on the bell for Cavalier in 1989. Even more impressive, a single Jordan will come in the final 97 and leads 38 points and the final winner is three points. Always the man, in his latest hoore, the 1998 finals squeezes twice for seconds, steals the ball and triumphs the game, as so many memories clutching that he played live because of Jordan, he really acquired and describes superstar status, the Bulls franchise of 90- Michael Jorden

Tens of times won the scoring title and in just eleven seasons he and the legendary Wilt Chamberland are the only ones, who earned three points a quarter of a score of 39, 87 on three, 041. On average and his eleven-year career during the game, the score of the score points 31 +

Another remarkable achievements include the 5 MVP prize in the season and another six years after the season. In the early 90's he owned the MVP title, which won four consecutive series from the season and from the season to the # 91 and 92 seasons.

Jordan withdrew when he was still among the best in 1999, saying he had achieved everything he had decided.