Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

For years, people have compared Kobe Bryant with big Michael Jordan and obviously have similarities in their play. Both teams have led many national titles, both showing a somewhat whimsical attitude, and both are relatively similar players. There has been a half majority for years that makes Jordan the best trophy. It's a tough place to compete with guys like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and many other great players. Oh, wait, I forgot one, Kobe Bryant. In recent years, there has been a serious debate that Bryant might be so good, if not, better than Jordan, and that does not go far enough. In addition to the similarities listed above, you should not forget that two of them are among the best. Scratch the two best players ever. They say I'm not here to make a final decision on who to join the "Los Suns," because it was accompanied by too much criticism. Not to mention that I've always been looking for the best of the sport. So it would seem that a general comparison would be better. So you can decide for yourself.

Start chronological order with number 23, Airness, Michael Jordan. If someone hears his name, he has little in mind, beyond the size. There's nothing to argue about this guy at the top. The court goliat, which can not be stopped. If you want to get it, you can. And what about the nickname, his atmosphere? I read a quote from another NBA player, and I know I'm going to my meat, but he did something like "When Jordan jumped up, he jumped to the top and just decided I'd hang out for a while." What exactly was this . Click here and you will see what I mean.

You can now check your ex-Bull stats. I wish I could find a place that only sets out in her bulls years, but I can not, and I'm not about to reconcile myself. So that's all his career from 1984 to 2003, including the last two years when he played with the wizards of Washington, a team he later owned. He cited a field goal percentage of 49.7 and taking a second class teacher who taught him round that meant that Jordan did all the other shots, enough to say. 3 percent is slightly below 32.7 percent, but I would like to point out that after returning from "94" and "95" after a one-year break, 50 percent is behind the bar. Jordan also rounded average 30 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assisted. You really can not tell enough about how good these statistics are. To start court and for all purposes, your hand is 40 point unrealistic. Jordan has set the track quite high and in order to compare it with the legend itself.

Now to Kobe, you feel good enough to be the number one racer. I owe this compliment to me. Sometimes I was shocked that Kobe was an overrated player. This is simply not true. "Black Mamba", as it is recently called, avoids the widest range of defenders and makes shooting impossible while doing acrobats in the air, which somehow seems to find the bottom of the nylon. If someone resembles Jordan, Kobe is for my money. Also, I do not take the idea that Kobe has a better supporting role and has proven twice in succession that he can win without Diesel. I mean, how deeply do the Lakers get to their bench this year until they come to the iffy area? I tell the sixth man, Lamar Odom. Not yet every night consistently. Kobe is the glue that kept all of his league teams and not vice versa. Did I mention that its highest climates are similar to Jordan? Click here to see what I mean.

Now to some of the competitor's stats. Kobe's 45.5% is a pretty impressive field goal target, and when he asked to get as many points as he did, he still had a bigger weight. If you look at the percentage of 3 percent, you'll find another good number. The 34% stake in Kobe is for Jason Kidd's lovers. With the big three statistics, points, rebounds and help, Kobe gets 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 games. Let's continue the comparison. A significant amount is lower in the point category, and a rebound is shameful with the Jordan sign, in fact. 9 if it is not round for all those insisted on. For me, Kobe's largest stator is a 3-point shot. Last time I checked that he was in 23rd place under three balls and should be able to reach the top 10 in the end of the career in some unpleasant circumstances. He will be sooner than any injury. As I said, I'm not here to crown a king, there was no reference to LeBron just to try to do it all. For Jordan's career, he was afraid of his team for about 10 peaks. Kobe has done the same thing for his opponents for some time. So, for me, it is not an absurd question of who is better. I think it's quite clear that both are the basket of nature when they play basketball and for some reason the gods have achieved and blessed both with a wonderful gift. Both players deserve their praise. I think the only way to see who is better using one of the computer programs found in the latest Rocky movie and throwing the ball between the digital Jordan and the digital Kobe and seeing what's on top. Secondly, they think that there are still skeptics, but hey, that really shows the show in reality.