Maximum Maximum Potential – II. Part

In my previous article I determined why NLP's most commonly used method to maximize potential options was not necessarily the best method and promised to introduce another more effective method. I'll start with a good example.

I'm sure most of us will have heard about Michael Jordan and his achievements in basketball. He is the most talented and most popular basketball player I've ever encountered during two decades of basketball. He has received many awards, including the Air Jordan and Airness nicknames. Basketball talent is undeniably huge. However, it is well known that his first love is not basketball but baseball. Actually, after a period of time in basketball's immunity, he played basketball and baseball career in 1993 but achieved limited success. He belonged to the Chicago Bulls basketball team he left in 1993 and introduced three consecutive US national basketball federation titles from 1996 to 8.

What can be inferred from Michael Jordan's success story in basketball and trophy-less stint at baseball? The first conclusion we can rely on is that the talents, however powerful they are, are rarely multidimensional. He could not transfer basketball to baseball. It is a law of nature that he could not face. Our second conclusion is that maximizing performance is as easy as one of the most talented terrain and not the most interested area. Third, it is enough to say that there is no motivational theory, NLP or mental conditioning can inspire Michael Jordan to match basketball results in baseball.

In relation to these relevant aspects, I propose the most effective tool for identifying and maximizing the Chinese astrology of Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) and Bazi (also known as 4 pillars). These methods are able to identify a multitude of unique potentials of the individual (wealth, health, career, romance, sexual and many other), and even general luck potential. It takes a lot of time for a study or professional career, only a few years back we'll regret it on the road. The U-turn load can be cumbersome and expensive. Even if we have made a good decision about a career or business in the sunset, bad luck or a moment of mental weakness may still be a hot soup. In an effective decision-making, we can identify talent, personalized decision making, or identify misfortune in the background of the good knowledge of Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) and Bazi. If one can globally identify his or her potential, results in life will be maximized.

However, I will be the first to acknowledge that the eloquence and acceptance of the Chinese astrological methods of Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) and Bazi (4 pillars) remain a sufficient number of people. Many people have the impression that the astrological point lies in understanding that our results are limited by birth data. While the motives of the Motivation Theory and the seduction of NLP go beyond the unique maximum potential, Chinese astrology presupposes that it works within the maximum potential. Here, Chinese astrology methods encounter difficulties in creating a significant motivational basis for the practices of Motivation Theory or NLP, as the latter have no emotional attraction. In this joke, I urge people to make rational rather than fashionable decisions when they are working to maximize their own potential.

Many people unknowingly realize that "1 bird has more than 2 birds in the bushes". Each individual outcome can result in an improvement in the acceptance of optimal action processes, even though it still retains its maximum potential. If Michael Jordan decided to play basketball instead of baseball or Bill Gates decides to enter the art industry, their outcomes have a world of difference.

After making the right choices for maximum potential and achievement, we can continue the Motivation Theory and NLP to further increase our potential. Why should you stop at once if we are one of the best in both worlds?