Master of the game: Lebron James

Lebron James was born in 1984. He came to the world in Akron, Ohio, where he cheated on the Chicago Bulls. James was born the same year when Michael Jordan entered the NBA. She played high school basketball at St. Louis. Vincent – St. Mary Grammar School in Akron. Unlike Michael Jordan, who did not do the college until his junior years, James became the starter of James. He averaged 21 points during the first year of the game. This average exceeded more than 25 points for a second-seed game, 29 points for a young game and ultimately more than 31 points against a player. James was the first sophomore to ever name the All-USA First Team in the US.

His high school career was no controversy when his older mother bought Hummer H2 for her 18th birthday. When credit to the vehicle, the bank has taken into account the future alert potential, but the purchase is still questioned by a test at the Ohio High School Athletic Association. In James's investigation, he discovered that he had accepted two $ 845 backbreak magnets. As a result, loss of eligibility for high school basketball has occurred. James succeeded in his appeal, reducing the penalty for suspending two games. This suspension resolved that his team lost one of their games, this game is the only loss throughout the season. Despite much confusion, he was still able to lead the team to the third state championship title.

In 2003, he joined the NBA with Cleveland Cavaliers and played with them until the 2010 season when he went to Miami Heat. The decision to leave Cavaliers was criticized not only by the fans of Cleveland, but by the great players, including Michael Jordan. Jordan stated that he would never have taken the phone with other high-caliber players to coordinate team change to play together. Jordan's competitive spirit prompted her to try to defeat Bird and Johnson not simply playing with a team with them. Given that Jordan runs 6 NBA championships, it's not surprising. James did not know how to get a championship title in Cleveland and is looking for his first championship ring in Miami.

During his career, James scored twice in 2009 and 2010 as NBA's most valuable player. He was the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year and won the league scoring championship in 2008. James is obviously a very talented athlete with many years of basketball.