Loss, motivation, success, and Michael Jordan

There are various things that motivate everybody to achieve success. You need to find out what motivates you so you can use it as a tool in your life to achieve success. You can use it to be successful in any area of ​​your life.

In this article we will talk about losing motivation. We will look at Michael Jordan's story and how the loss motivated him to become the best basketball player ever.

The 1997 basketball season ended at the end of Michael Jordan's second place in the MVP trophy during the championship series. This was not the first or second win and the MVP trophy, this was the fifth time. He has already acquired a successful taste and he knew exactly what it was like.

During the 1994 season, Jordan returned from an 18-month break that he decided to take from basketball. During that time he played bass in smaller leagues, trying out his talent out there. When he decided to return, he thought he would be able to return to the game and start playing as he did. While during the season it was a success, it was not the same as it was. He had a moment where he resembled old Michael Jordan, but for the most part he was not himself. Orlando Magic placed the Chicago Bulls in the semi-finals this year.

After Orlando Magic decided it, Michael Jordan found that he was never motivated. He was hungry and determined that he would do all he could to get his team up until the end of next year. He was motivated to lose. He did not like the loss, especially when he knew what he was capable of. He was not one of the best basketball players of all time.

He worked hard during off-season and came in 1996-97, and Michael Jordan was ready again. We all know what happened after that. As mentioned, he won the MVP trophy after winning the championship. Many people have asked Michael Jordan what is the fact that contributed to the success of a given year. The answer was very simple, he said when he lost Orlando Magic, he knew what to do. She pulled back too easily and was now hungry.

Where did you live in your life? Where can you use the loss to motivate your success? Everyone has a place they've lost and does not want to go back to that place. Where is yours?