Los Angeles Lakers Phil Jackson: Real Reasons why he is the NBA's biggest coach

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has been named the "Zen Master" for years because of his attitude toward playing, strange behavior and things

. But his unique style separated him from all other NBA legends. This began in the 1990s when Jackson was the head coach of Chicago Bulls. The huge Michael Jordan has the NBA title, including two three peats, and in 1995 set a regular season winning record.

Jackson's style has key elements that really differ from NBA coaches. Coincidentally or not, Jackson holds the most rings of coaching, eleven and twelfth packages are likely to move to Lakers for June.

What are Jackson Style Styles?

Let's see the keys so that Lakers can raise another NBA trophy.


Jackson the Lakers meditates before any game. Does it sound silly? Try to be strong. Like everything in Jackson, there's a goal. And this is not something new about Jackson and his coaching style. Michael Jordan did the same in Chicago Bulls.

Basically, meditation involves the mind's calm and finds the state of relaxation between both internal and external chaos. Jackson's results prove that they have merit. They want players to rest, especially in the biggest game of their career.


Jackson is a basketball junkie. He has been playing for more than forty years. He did everything he wanted, from the bottom of the sport to the top. He did everything. But when he comes, he's really a tactician.

He prepares hardballs harder than any other coach. It's wonderful to win the bus of the year just once. Only one!! We are assured of malnutrition and do not reward excellence. This is another mute key. In a series based on the adjustments, Jackson is usually in the upper hand. He always adds a new wreck, calls a game like Ron Artes, or changes his defensive tasks. [Jackson] Preach the execution as a southern minister who heels with hell and fire. He tends to precision and flow. Triangle crime requires this detail. And that will show you.

In the wins, it is likely that the Lakers offense is fired like a vintage muscle car. In the losses, the first area that any fan can point to is an offensive execution.


Everyone focuses on the great players Jackson practiced or the classic triangle crime. But he is a defensive power plant. The Jordan Bulls won the title because they could defend. Shaq / Kobe Lakers stopped the people. This current Lakers iteration is at the top of the tournament's defense rankings.


Perhaps this is all about meditation, but Jackson has a predictable leadership role in coaching. That's why you will not see it calling for huge timeouts, at least in the normal season. He likes to say that his players are handling their own problems.

It teaches accuracy because the Lakers do not ring, even the masses of the other team. Jackson is sitting there and watching the action. You will rarely stop timing if you call a timeout. This is a unique style and many Lakers fans are playing on a TV with a T, but Jackson has a victory to support it.


All this becomes simpler. Jackson coach in 13 NBA finals. It's still hard to write. There are eleven rings. Everyone wants to play great players, and that's true. But do not forget that Jordan won nothing while Jackson did not. Shaq and Kobe could not even leave the playoff of the West Conference. And Kobe experienced the only loss-making season as without the Zen Master.

Everyone wants to say that the Lakers win or lose what Kobe does. And that is true, in most ways. But when the games count, then coaching is also.

Jackson is at the forefront of all other NBA coaches. Call what you want, but I call him he is the NBA's biggest coach.

The media likes to play as a musician and play fun. But Jackson is much more concerned with Indian methods. So he's actually the Lakers Shaman, their doctors, and prepares them for royal dance. Meditate on this

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