Los Angeles Clippers – fun facts to entertain the whole family!

Los Angeles Clippers is a professional basketball team of the NBA (National Basketball Association) in California, Los Angeles. Not always known in Los Angeles Clippers, the team is now well-grounded. The following fun facts can be sure of any basketball fan or Los Angeles Clippers fan, "slam dunk" the information. Los Angeles Clippers and basketball history can be used: when you are bored in the car and want to play a game, a home game or just learn about your own!

Fun Facts: Did you know?

o Before LA Clippers was the LA Clippers, the team had two other names and hosts? The team comes from Buffalo Braves from 1970-1978, in New Buffalo. The team moved to San Diego and between 1978 and 1984 was San Diego Clippers. It was only in 1984 that he moved to the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles

o Paul Snyder was the original founder of Los Angeles Clippers? $ 20 million for the San Diego Clippers in Los Angeles Clippers? The San Diego Clippers owner sold the team to Donald T. Sterling, a high-end real estate developer and lawyer. Los Angeles Clippers was not the only professional NBA team in Los Angeles. The other team is LA Lakers.

o One of LA Lakers' best players, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, became a LA Clippers assistant in 1998? It was rented to help one of Clippers' star-actor Michael Olowokandi in the sport. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar held only one season against Clippers.

o LA Clippers officially announced in 2005 that they are building their own first class practical facility? This option marks the first official NBA practice in Los Angeles!

o Found basketball first in 1891 in Springfield, MA? Dr. James Naismith is recognized when he invented while working on YMCA.

o Does LA Clippers have three members of the team at the Basketball Hall of Fame? These are: Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton and Dr. Jack Ramsay coach

o The basketball ring at the beginning was not net? They were made of a fruit basket

o Los Angeles Clippers officially placed at the NBA West Conference

o Does the Los Angeles Clippers team have retired numbers?

o Basketball first created a soccer ball? The sport has been developed for a few seed producers who are bored in the business season of the football season (fall) and the baseball season (spring) business.

o Los Angeles Clippers and LA Lakers are still competing for each other in the same city?

These fun facts are a great chatting starter; Coolly entertain your family in the car or with your friends in the school buffet; and a great way to build your own knowledge of one of America's favorite sports!

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