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1984th on November 19. The atmosphere of the stadium is electric and tangible, like the Chicago Bulls and the Philadelphia 76ers basketball game. Ball ballging on the pitch matches only the repetitive clash of players' rubber-soled shoes. At the same time, Chicago Bulls' new rookie player, Michael Jordan, breaks away from the pack in the ball. Crosses the course and when it approaches the circle, it moves in the air, which later becomes a nickname. The red and black flashes as they leave the ground, bending toward the wing. And he hits it!

The game itself did not put this date in the history books, but rather the introductory introduction of Air Jordan I.

I've changed Jordan's athletic footwear forever and started a million dollar company. Designed by Peter Moore, Air Jordan I radically changed the shape of a basketball ball when he built a heel height. The vivid red and black color scheme was very controversial as the current basketball rules required all team members to wear the usual basketball footwear. Michael Jordan was criticized for $ 5,000 every time he wore a new game during the game. It only served to make public appetites more thrilling and when the Jordan was sold in 1985 for public sales, they were almost immediately sold.

Air Jordan 1 saw a huge social shift in people's footwear and basketball's viewpoint. There were not so many soccer shoes like basketball socks that were limited to the basketball court, but rather became iconic clothing. Every boy and every man wanted them and they believed they were responsible for the number of growing ladies who demanded that their dirty shoes be worn with their suits. Not only did society fall into Air Jordan's enthusiasm, but Nike started from the sports shoe manufacturer to the night lifestyle.

Twenty-five years later, we see the appearance of the Jordan 2010 line. This remarkable success story pulled Nike from homes up to Brand Jordan, but this did not change its popularity. You see Peter Moore discovered the magical ingredient needed to ensure consistent sales, and whatever that special thing is, Air Jordan is still a punk.

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