LeBron James is the next Michael Jordan

Do you know that LeBron James did not choose # 23 to give credit to his idol Michael Jordan ? And he really wants to follow the steps of his childhood idolatry. And I think Lebron is acting or saying "running" on the same track as Michael.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James both won the Year's Rookie Prize (ROY) and both ended the season passion . King James finished 20.9 with 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 supporters, leaving only the third in history to make at least 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in the rookie season, joining Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan's idol for the elite list.

Cleveland Cavaliers definitely does not choose it as no. 1, if he was just an ordinary middle school player and team management was never wrong because King James had handed over the goods to this franchise. In three years, LeBron transformed the lottery team into a cascade.

A 21-year-old youth did a lot but as a launch NASA space shuttle, yet to reach the peak, so it's better to take care of next season! He won the 2006 All-Star MVP Award (the youngest to win the prize) and was second in the MVP race behind Steve Nash, and I'm definitely confident that LBJ will soon win the first scoring title and an MVP.

One thing to be improved is the free throw and defensive intensity. He came to All NBA Team 1, but he has not yet reached the All Defensive team, as MJ has been featured several times, and most importantly, he won the NBA title. LeBron needs good teammates like MJ Pippen and Rodman.

LeBron James is young and sporty. It is still a long career but is definitely on the right track.