LeBron James Dunk or how to increase the vertical jump

Do you remember LeBron James Damon Jones? What about Tim Duncan and Rasheed Wallace? Nobody will question LeBron's crazy hostage. Her head is always on the rim, almost every time she is empty! In fact, there is a 41-inch vertical.

But the most interesting fact is the 23-year-old superstar that although he is one of the strongest players in the tournament – he still has a vertical jump for such a patient.

Do you wonder where the problem is? Let's see LeBron's body. The guy is like a bodybuilder. The problem is that muscles are difficult, muscles are even harder than fats. Otherwise, this is the reason why you first gain weight when you start running to lose some fat. The muscles are first built and only burn fat later. So be patient in this case. Back to Lebron – actually 240 pounds really is too heavy for its height (6 & # 39; # 39). The average NBA player is 222 pounds. But still there is still a vertical, well above the average nba player (= 32 inches)! So how do you do it?

Ask me to play, I'll play

Ask me to shoot, I'll shoot

Ask me, I'll go

But that's not what you ask for.

I'm asking myself. "

– LeBron James

This quote gives a point that is absolutely necessary: ​​the devotion LeBron's inability to work is the same (for example, weighing 6.7%!) Kobe Bryant's workout is on the same level See LeBron's Training

This is a 5-day, one-hour workout a day (without running and basketball, = 3 hours a day). Every day there are different exercises, only some exercises like jumping ropes are made every time. Day (Monday):

– Jump Roof (400 Jumps)

– DynaDisc leg speed drill, balance and foot speed are at the same time, stand on the plates while holding a medical ball. so that your left foot is on the floor and your right leg is on the plate on which your left leg is right. Drag back to the original position and turn a quick jump in the opposite direction to the right foot (20 movements in both directions)

– DynaDisc drift drill On a single leg on a plate with both hands holding basketball at the chest level. (Be happy that this is not a medical ball.) Bounce and hold it while keeping your balance. (20 dribbles at each leg)

– Stable spiked drill Back to the drug ball and the Core board. (20 dribbles)

– Foot Roll (Right) Make 2 20 sets with your hands holding the Core Card

(19659002) – Heavy Abduction (2 sets 10)

– Smith rack squat The Safer Squat (2 (2 sets 10)

– Rear deltoid lift (2 sets of 10)

– One-arm dumbbell row (2 set 10)

2 sets 10)

Elliptical Machine (25 Minutes)

As you may have heard, LeBron uses belts to amplify. Some examples:

– Parachute Runners:

Using a two-belt small parachute, LeBron uses wind resistance to power and power

– Bungees:

Two bungee cord for a lifting strap. Opponents back and forth, and then resident students are jumping

Concerning vertical jumping exercises, it's interesting to do with standard exercises like jumping rope and fodder, LeBron uses some special, highly effective exercises [19659002] Behold one example:

– Split-Squat Jumps:

Starting Position: Let's start halfway in position with one leg before the other. Move: Jump as high as you can, alternating the leg in the air. (If you start this practice with your left leg in advance, your left leg should be on the right foot at the end of a repetition.) Use your hands to balance, slowly and steered.

2 sets, 10 seconds (later: 15, 20, 25 sec)

For other practices and important things about vertical jumping (why is often more important what you're not doing?) Please see :