Largest paid NBA players for 2009-2010

The NBA is a big group and there was no need for introduction. This association likes to compete and play games all over the world, here I will discuss the players' pay. The NBA pays such a good amount to the players and the teams. These payment figures are for 2009-2010. They are for a year. Details of the highest paid players are described below:

1. Tracy McGrady: He is the highest paid player in the NBA this year. Annual salary as a current database, $ 23,239,561. He plays for the Houston team.

2nd Kobe Bryant: He's on the list of high paid players. He is playing for the LA Lakers team and his salary is $ 23,034,375.

3rd Jermaine O & # 39; Neal: The next name comes from Jermaine. He is in Miami and his salary is $ 22,999,000 per year.

4th Tim Duncan plays from San Antonio and is ranked 4th on the list. Pays $ 22,183,218 per year as a payment.

5th Shaquille O & # 39; Neal: Shaquille pays $ 20,000,000 for Cleveland.

6th Dirk Nowitzki Dallas and Paun Pierce in Boston: Both are in the sixth number and both pay $ 19,795,714.

7th Ray Allen: Ray plays his Boston team and is next to NBA's highest paid players list. It gets $ 19,766,860 a year.

8th Rashard Lewis: Rashard is the next and Orlando team to play. Your salary is $ 18,876,000 per year.

ninth Michael Redd: Redd is next on the list. He plays for Milwaukee's team. It receives $ 17,040,000 annually.

10th Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers team and Andrei Kirilenko from Utah: both are on the next issue and pay $ 16,451,250 a year.

eleventh Kevin Garnett: Garnett is listed on the NBA's highest payroll and is played for Boston, with a payout of $ 16,400,000 a year.

12th Yao Ming and Amare Stoudemire: Yao plays for the Houston team and plays Amare Stoudemire for the Phoneix team. They both received the same salary as $ 16,378,325. Both are ranked 12 in the NBA high payroll.

13th Vince Carter: Orlando's winnings are $ 16,300,000 a year.

14th Gilbert Arenas: Gilbert will be the next and Washington team will play and pay $ 16,192,080.

15th Zach Randolph: He is next to playing for Memphis. Your salary is $ 16 million.

16th Carmelo Anthony plays for Denver, plays LeBron James Cleveland, plays Chris Bosh in Toronto and plays Dwyane Wade in Miami. These four are in the next position and everyone gets the same salary as $ 15,779,912.