Largest paid NBA player at all times

When you do it in the NBA, you know you've hit the big time more than one. You're not just a pro-professional, but the money you have to make is literally exposed to the charts. Of course, all aspirated basketball players look like they play hard in high school and college. Certainly, every player in the tournament is likely to cost at least one million dollars a year, but more than two-thirds of the league is worth at least $ 5 million and that is a very conservative estimate.

to brass, who is the highest paid NBA player at all times? Well, if you want to see your current salary, you probably think that Kobe Bryant, whose 2010-2011 salary is $ 24,806,250. Ah, but there is still another superstar, with the amazing salary paid at least five million dollars. Want to figure something out? I got it, MJ of course! Michael Jordan is still the player who holds the record for the highest paid NBA player of all time.

But if you ask this question in the 2013-2014 season, then this is likely to change. Currently, Kobe Bryant is planning to spend $ 30,453,000 this season so only time will tell! And then what happens if the next great player comes out of the pack and takes the lead? When it comes to playing, you never know. So many players have signed up with such great expectations and are drawn to the near haze while players in the circles slowly emerge for almost a night.

Currently, MJ continues to play a leading role, and Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant seem to be close to seconds, but this will change very soon. The only thing that can radically influence is that (in addition to the MJ clone) strike or Kobe decides to call. (Do not think you should worry – resignation is not in your contract!)