Lakers & # 39; Bynum has returned to refuse?

Los Angeles Lakers Castle Center Andrew Bynum and injured knee. His return date has now been shaken (probably) at the start of the NBA playoffs.

Lakers are in desperate high-stakes positions, as their place without Andrassy Bynum and Pau Gasol is at best shaky in the West of the NBA. Bynum, originally expected to be the Lakers championship, is still not fit for the NBA action.

Team officials say that the signs of Bynum may be ready for the playoffs. After the NBA playoff, there will be no time to run away and an Andrew Bynum, which is not in the NBA game, can have a much greater responsibility than playing time. Really not many Los Angeles Lakers can do this aspect and patience is needed while Bynum heals. Bynum will do its utmost to restore the knee she has temporarily placed to carry deep bone.

There is no doubt that healthy Bynum and Gasol are a huge difference between Lakers & chance of being in the NBA Finals. With the Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O & # 39; Neal or Tim Duncan and San Antonio Spurs without the Lakers & # 39; big people are likely to spell the Los Angeles playground.

Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson keep the castle all right, as the Lakers are still at the brilliant NBA West. But Phil Jackson knows the time is up to NBA Playoffs.