Jordan Vs James

5 huge differences between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

This summer will be the biggest off season in NBA history. There are so many free agents going to new homes. LeBron James is the largest and most popular free agent. Despite the fact that LeBron shows many similarities with Michael Jordan, I have created five lists that show differences between the two

5. The media
Thanks to its success at UNC, the media from the start have been fed from the palm of your hand. LeBron is moving fast to MJ status, but there is still a way to get acquainted with media management

4. Priorities
Jordan is one of the most concentrated athletes in court and court time. Basketball, and more importantly the winner, was the number one on MJ. LeBron looks like he's more interested in his brand and image than the actual game.

3rd Defense
I think it's a lost art of today's game, it's a good defense. Jordan was known for the prize games, but with his strict defense this helped him succeed. James stepped up his defense, but there is no point at Jordan. The defense wins the championship.

2nd Finding Winning Modes
LeBron James wins, but not in the playoffs. Despite the fact that good players are around, LeBron does not seem to increase if it counts. Jordan, however, if you want, you can win a game. For example, "The Flu Game", Jordan was barely able to stand for the disease but still managed to cut 38 points in the 1997 NBA finals.

first Greatness
All I Need to Say is MJ – 6, LeBron – 0 (course tournament).