Irregular Basketball Rules

Each sport has some unwritten rules that every player or coach must follow. These rules must be followed by respecting the game. Here are some of the unwritten rules on basketball.

first Never run your stats. For example, a player should not shoot the third in a game where his team is great so you can defeat most of the triple records in the game. A player should not deliberately miss the shot to get the rebound and have three times double the game. Players should not miss wide-ranging shots as they try to wipe out the record. These examples serve to deliberately fill in their statistics.

2nd Never shoot a last second if your team is moving forward. It's just considered sporty. Usually at the end of the blowout, if the winning team has the last possession of the ball, the losing team will not worry about defending the attacking players. This indicates that the losing team recognizes the game. At this time, a player with a ball must only roll the ball and run the clock

. Never push the team you do well. Even if you are a team who like to operate the full court press, do not do it when the game is in your hands. Obviously, his team was much better than the other team, and losing a team would generally only exaggerate how bad the other team is. Inappropriate.

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