Information about Michael Jordan – Part 2

In high school, Michael Jordan became a better student, focusing more on his studies and three different sports – football (where he played), baseball, basketball. After being eliminated from the basketball team until the second year of age, he began to put more emphasis on sport and practiced with the varsity coach each morning.

Jordan received a basketball fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill and graduated geographically. After defeating the victorious shot at Georgetown in 1982 at the 1982 NCAA (led by future rival Patrick Ewing), he left the school in 1984 when Chicago Bulls won the first round.

Michael played thirteen seasons at the Bulls, mostly shooting. However, the 6th and 6th highs, along with skills and excellent conditions, have brought life to a guard and a small forward looking, with many titles being Rookie of the Year (1985), Guardian of the Year (1988), Finally MVP every year when Bulls finals and two MVP Tripper Crowns.

Everyone asks who is going to be "Next Jordan," but the truth is, no one will be the next Jordan. The next Jordan status is Kobe, Lebron and Wade.