Information about Michael Jordan – Part 1

1963rd On February 17, he was born in Brooklyn, New York, Michael Jeffrey Jordan is one of the most famous players in NBA history and some are said to be the greatest basketball player. He played 15 full seasons, averaging 30.12 points after a game and Wilt Chamberlain ahead of the record, who showed the score at 30.06. Chicago Bulls played 6 NBA championships, ten scoring titles and five top winning titles.

Has been in Sports Illustrated 49 since 1983 and has set another record. In 1999, ESPN called the "North American Athlete of the 20th Century". Due to the fact that he is constantly able to tap the ball on the irregular line and jump high, the "Air Jordan" and "Air Jordan" nicknames (later used for popular shoes).

Although he was born in Brooklyn, his parents, James and Delores, moved to the family (Jordan's two older brothers and two sisters, one younger and one older) in Wilmington, North Carolina, when Michael was still very young. Of his siblings, Michael probably felt that he was least likely to succeed in life, as he was the only one who did not hold a permanent job.