Increase your vertical jump and jump like an NBA player

Michael Jordan scenes that pass through the track and jump over people throwing basketball on the television screen. And he dreams of being able to jump on this high and dunk on a 10-foot flange. Do you want to jump so high and slip in the air? Even if a short height increases.

Let's go to Michael Jordan's place and watch some other players. The Spud Webb is one of the best dunes of all time. 5 and 6 "and 5" and 7 ". Nate Robinson is listed on the New York Knicks list at # 5 and # 8 and has recently won the NBA All-Star Dunk Championship title.

This is to teach you to the size does not matter If you have some work in the gym and you can fly some work in the air … See you startling all your friends while knocking on the wheel 10

The calf area of ​​your leg is the muscle , which you have to develop in order to have your explosive jumping ability, is not about being a talented person, you need to know what the calf muscle needs to do: consuming the right type of food is key to improving polar ability

A simple a practice that you can start today, the starting point for your jumping program, your jumping rope, your endurance, and those calf muscles that are starting to feel good.