How to set up a jump ball in football

However, the fact that you do not perfectly fit all your basketball skills will be missing or "incomplete" as a player, which means that there is no solid basketball base. At some point your shaking basics catch you – and it's too late to make corrections to get the highest level of enjoyment!

One of your skills you need is to jump to the tap as the referee throws the ball into the air; also known as bounce ball. Controlling the treadmill in a tight position often means victory or defeat. Still, few spend a lot of time learning how to skip and tap the ball.


As the right-handed player is in line to jump, he has to face his left side against the attacker basket. The right side of the left should look to the basket.

The foot of the jumper must be at the shoulder width and the corner should be from the floor. In order to prepare for the uphill, the jumper should lean forward slowly, then kneeling must let the body so much that it will lose its balance.

The head turns to the ball, hands are released … This is the base of the jumper.

However, the jumper does not jump straight into the air from this position. They found that a player could get a higher altitude when hitting a small jump before the big takeoff.

Practice jumps …

Try this action: take the basic scenario already described Drag your legs to no more than one inch above the floor , and come down to the same place. Twist it again, but this time, when the feet hit the floor, let the knee lower down and NOT put the ball. The principle is the same as diving into a dive board deck; [19659010] the diver goes up, a clown arrives on board and then goes up to the water

When you jump on the pin, he goes up one inch, on the floor, and moves upwards with a big flap.

Hop-and-jump is not all that matters. As you go to the ball, turn your body towards your opponent.

At the highest point of the jump, your body is facing the attack basket.

In this corkscrew bend, your hand moves to your opponent's closest hand to your forearm through the stomach.

The hand facing the opponent before the jump is the hand that is used to touch the ball.

Using Your Hand

Your jumping opponent becomes meaningless if you can not reach the ball in the right place. The pin must be as accurate as a pass. It is possible for a player to follow these suggestions:

Raise one arm to the ceiling. Put the wrist so much as you go. Loosen the fingers loosely. Notice that the fingers make up a cup.

Put a basketball on your fingers. Balance it there. Connect your wrist forward. You can do this a few times and find that you can easily reach any goal within a reasonable distance.

Turning the palm of your hand to the left, right or back can make the ball anywhere.

The arm and hands must be in the position described at the highest point of the jumping.

By following and pursuing these guidelines, your ability to "live" your opponent when you participate in the jump ball will improve.