How to play basketball when short

Do not let anybody tell you it's too short for basketball. If anyone is doing, ask them to have a look at Nate Robinson, who is 5 feet 9 inches in the shortest professional basketball. Robinson won two slam dunk tournaments, and one of them was Dwight Howard, who jumped 6 feet 10 centimeters high.

Basketball game if you are short:

o Remember, smaller ball players are always faster. This is because smaller players need to be stronger to compete with the higher ones and have to have higher speeds. But speed is not enough. You must also have more effort to run your tail.
o You have to be determined to get every loose ball in court. That means it is persistent. It goes without saying that speed and stamina are the vital tools you need in this process.
o Speed ​​is not just about building legs. There are many benefits to the abdomen, as short players need to jump a lot. In addition, its absolute construction helps balance and suddenly change direction.
o The fact that your elbows will be higher than the other players in the court, you have to be ready to take a lot of spades. Your elbows will strike your face, and many will knock. Instead of holding your face, bear the injury like an emblem and be stoic.
o Use your physical properties for the most active player in the court. And never give up first of all. You're going to put up a lot, but you're always positive and believe in yourself.