How to Get Better Basketball Shootout

"You can make the shooting problem a day

" You can make eight hours a day, but if your technique is bad, everything that's going to be good will drop things badly and will not rise. "Michael Jordan

who works on the shot, I think this quote is a great way to explain why fundamentals are so important. Michael Jordan is the best player ever to play the basketball game. There is nothing but respect for the game and want players to succeed. This is said to have many different aspects for ball games and everything has to be done correctly when a player shoots a lot. The perfect formula for teaching the art of shooting is related to the BEEF. Let me explain …

The BEEF abbreviation, which means balance, eyes, elbows, tracking. This is a strategy that everywhere is used to teach good shooters and is a very effective strategy.

B – Balance

Balance is extremely important when shooting a basketball. The player's leg should be shoulder width when preparing for the shot. This provides a perfect balance on both sides of the body. The knee is bent, one leg should be a little bit in front of the other. The foot that must be at the front is the one that is the same page as the player's shot. (If your right hand is to shoot, your right leg should be a bit ahead) Not only is this good for your purpose but it gives a good aspect where the leg is to be shown in the basket! From here you have to be equal and bent, ready to move on to the next step.

E – Eyes

He caught the ball, knowing that he should look at the basket. Yes, this seems to have gone without explanation, although there are more. The eyes are the most important means of targeting the ball and think that most people know they have to look at the basket when shooting, but it needs to be more accurate. The great shooters are not just looking for the orange ring to look upwards on the back. This results in a more precise purpose and results in more accurate recordings. They've always been taught to shoot in the middle of the flange, I know the ones that are targeted at the edge of the flange. I do not really agree with it, because if you strive at the beginning of the flange, it goes to the front of the flange and does not go. It is recommended that I guide it to the inner back.


At this point is balanced and looks at the right side of the flange. Now is the time to start recording. The worst mistake for players who do bad shooting does not hold the knee of the shot. This is because keeping the elbows requires a bit more effort (at least in the beginning, it is). However, people who take time to be conscious will see that they can get more of their shot, because there are more muscles in the ball. When you bounce to both feet, you want to push the ball in the air to cover the elbows, do not forget that your eyes hold the rim.

F – Follow Through

You're almost ready to shoot, but there's still a last part … tracking. That was the part when I was playing most of my turmoil. It is important that your hand moves toward the edge when it releases the ball. You do not just want to point on the edge, but you want your arm extended and your hand high in the air. At the end of the shot, the goal is basically straight up and down. My concern was that after my shot my arm was pointing to the rim, not straight. This is important to manually move upward, touching the arch of the shot. You want to shoot a tall arc because it gives you a better chance of shooting in the basket when it comes from a higher one. If you keep track of it a few seconds after each shot, it's important because it's a good way to figure out how to shoot and ensure it's the right way.