How to do the perfect basketball variations

To be an assailant threat, you must be able to avoid guarding whether the ball is or not. False is an act designed to pull the guard away from the balance, so it can be driven by it or it can be free. To do this is to counteract your head, eyes, feet, shoulders, and bodies. False shoot-and-shoot is designed so that the defending player can balance and force back to provide space for the shot. Fein rolls around the guard using the front leg to force him back. The attacking player then stands up to the shot. Any cheating will bring a retreat from the guard. False shot and shoot is a maneuver with which the ball was shot in the basket to draw the guard to get close to it. If you betray it, keep the ball protected and place the dripping. The first step must be long with your right foot when you go to the right and be well in front of the ball as the guard leads. Double forgeries are executed by forcing a deep, right-hand drive to drive the guard down a bit. The attacking man pulls his forehead a little and starts a shot. As the guard comes up on his toes to stop the shot, the attacking man sits down his body and drives his first leg, a good ball is foreseen to hit the gate. To go right, move the deep step with your right foot to the left to the left. The shot is fake then the driver comes right. A left-handed player uses his left leg for the forward leg and can follow the same technique as above.

When starting a counterfeit, the player never knows whether one or two will be fake. This depends on the effect of the guard. Sometimes the guard commits the first fake. If you do not deceive the first fake, try the double fakes. Often, many players fail to leave the defensive player time to "let go" of deception. Recording or driving too quickly simply means that deception is wasted. Dribble Tips:

1. Do not take a bounce when you first get the ball. This seizes the opportunity to go with it.

2nd Keep your head and eyes in front to see what the others are doing.

3rd Do not try to clutter in crowded areas.

4th Do not jump the ball – push the floor with your fingers.

5th When you go forward with your front court for high dripping, make sure there are no opponents who can steal the ball in the vicinity

. Learn to keep your body between the man and the ball.

7th Use high speed and low regulation and cheating.

8th False eyes, head and body when dribbling. This puts a defensive pressure on his people.

ninth Exclusion only if necessary. Over-dribbling is a waste of time. Passing the ball goes faster than dripping.

Moving without the ball Players often do not know how to act if they do not have the ball. In my training experience this is particularly true for young players. Too many times they do nothing. They are around, watching the man with the ball and passing through their arms, even though he is closely guarded. The simplest person to guard is the player who is slow and aimless and moves. Basketball is a team game and all five players have to act as a unit to get the best results.

A player without a ball can do the following:

1. Always move to defend your defense against double clashes from your teammates

. Keep open in the middle of the court to lower the middle.

3rd Set up a team for your teammates.

4th Be careful to cut out a possible game.

The situation changes in each section of the ball. Take care of the weaknesses in the defense to take advantage of them. It is important to know what you want to do. Non-discriminatory running just gets tired. Never go straight or in circles. Your opponent can easily guard you. Deception and shifting help to avoid your guard. Learn the cut. Some cutting operations are described and illustrated herein. The "L" cut straight off the side line with a 90 ° directional change. The "L" cut is used to measure the corners in a fast pause

1. "L" cut right.

2 .. "L" cutting to the left.

"Buttonhook" is used mainly to cut a basket, but it can also be used for press work. The player moves to the basket, stops and then comes out to match the pass.

first Buttonhook right.


Cut the "S" cut in one direction and then cut it back to its original position. "S" cut. This cut can be used on both sides. Cutting a postman is another way to liberate yourself for a shot. 1 reaches the ball to 2 and immediately cuts it. Cut 2 times to fold your back and use 3 blocks. From the corner to the outside of the free throwing circle, an offensive game broke out. If you get a receipt, the corner man can jump-skip or swipe with the right foot and start a set-up or set up a post position. Exits 1 corner, goes right and left.

The "V" cut serves as a reversal and basket cut. Much is used to cut corners.

first "V" cut.

2nd "V" cut left

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