How to create marketing with consumer needs?

A. Marketing reflects only the needs and needs of customers. B. Marketing forms the needs and needs of consumers.


"Marketing reflects only the needs and needs of customers". All of us to eat, drink, sleep, and reproduce are all part of what we are like human beings. Therefore, at the baseline level, companies will strive to meet these features and show them at one and the same time with ads that communicate to the public that they are around and are capable of the products they need.

Another aspect is that your needs depend on the country you live in. "For example, an American consumer may need food, but he needs a burger, fried potatoes and soft drinks, and a person living in Mauritius may need food, mangoes, rice, lentils and babies. The other part wants, everyone wants something but only some there is a good way to get everyone to eat in every casual restaurant, but in reality only very few people can accept this lifestyle. Therefore, different segments have been created to target different groups and groups of people

Marketing professionals are therefore constantly attracting products to develop and develop brilliant marketing strategies in order to win the consumer, competing products. Companies strive to retain their customers through their value and satisfaction through the product and this is in the minds of consumers a combination of service, quality and price. Some consumers do not mind if a product or service pays higher prices if they get a very good service.

This is all part of what the consumer expects of a product if these perceived expectations come from time to time, it is the loyal customer for that particular company. They are like consistency, and if we deliver a consistent product on the market besides the great products and the price, then we will go on for years. A good example would be Ben's Chili Bowl, located in Washington DC. This has been a restaurant for decades, and the fact that he has maintained so many loyal customers because he has served constant service and great food over the years and the people who were there to eat while the kids are still there. They also have patrons in Washington DC to experience their food and service. Companies also create brands, and these brands influence people's buying habits.

These brands combine many aspects of the company to perceive products, services, information, and experiences to consumers. The more unique and interesting the brand, the better it will be. It is a brand that is a Coach Company dealing with accessories manufacturing in the retail sector. They produce products such as handbags, wallets, belts and other items. The trainer has built a unique brand for their own style and services, and this is primarily because customers generate high demand for their products. This enabled the company to keep the average price of its products compared to its competitors, knowing that consumers would pay this higher price. Segmenting is another way for companies to target consumers to meet their needs, and companies use this technique where they target their products. There are several criteria that companies use to segment their products, and some of them are geographic, demographic, psychological and behavioral.

Factors such as residential and land use, or the richness of a given area population and targeted products that match mold. This proved to be a very successful tactic for marketing companies. Marketing companies are also used by companies to reach their customers. There are three types of marketing channels that are communication, distribution and service channels. Communication is important for the company's message to be disclosed and can take place in a variety of forms, such as radio, television, the Internet, posters and the like. Their products must also be delivered to the consumer and this means that they will need a physical site, such as a store or wholesaler, and others have to sell their products to you and sell their products on the internet. Service channels are needed to make transactions with consumers and banks for credit card purchases and shipping companies, such as UPS, to deliver products to their homes and businesses.

Marketing focused on four marketing skills and tools for sales, advertising, sales and marketing marketing research, you should also use brand building, customer relations, telemarketing and others to make their products available. Companies need to work ethically and honestly to best serve consumers. Marketing in the United States is unique in the world because it has evolved over the years and changed to connect with the capitalist society in which we live in the United States. This also means that part of the marketing used in a given country only co-operates with the existing credit system. This is not the case in other parts of the world, even in industrialized countries. So, in the United States, marketing would be one of the spokes that would represent a giant in our economy today.


In the second argument, "Marketing Forms Consumer Demands and Desires". This statement must also be understood. My cause is many and varied. After seeing a lot of internet TV commercials and ads on the internet and in the newspapers, I came to the conclusion that some of the companies have created their ads for the consumer, even if they were not originally interested in the product. I took some time to search for words that ads often use and find a mixture of interesting words and phrases. "Free" is the most common denominator I found in my ads, free use of it in combinations like free home test, free review, purchase free free installation, free estimates, free parking, free demo and free consultation. The free word is usually a powerful catalyst that drives a consumer to buy the product or idea, even though he does not need it. I think other terms also bait people to buy things they do not need.

Terms such as "Payments by 2010" or "Money Back Guarantee" are all the doubts the consumer has the opportunity and the incentive to purchase. "As the goal is to attract customer awareness, create persuasion and demand, market segmentation has historically been based on variables that correlate with creating demand: geography, age, gender, income, education, occupation and other traditional demographics, personality, lifestyle, values ​​and attitudes, as these attributes are useful in determining how to effectively talk to different groups of people. "

Some companies are unethical in their advertising, for example, the Internet, especially when companies are advertising a product, and make the consumer very attractive, the small tiny fonts hide the link with the term "restrictions" leading to a list of limitations. So if you accidentally purchase the product without reading the fine print and something happens that you are not satisfied or want to return the item that the company refuses and refers to their restriction policy. The tactics that companies use to shape consumer demand and wishes use celebrities or other famous people to sell their products. A good example for the company is Nike. Nike teamed up with Michael Jordan to create a marketing giant. One of the topics behind the partnership was to create a desire among consumers that if they wear Michael Jordan's shoes, they could play basketball or jump like he did.

This is primarily aimed at younger consumers and has been a huge marketing success. Companies take advantage of world events or changes in the economy to come up with new products. A good example is the growing popularity of hybrid cars. This was caused by the rise in gas prices and slowdown of the economy. However, the growth of hybrid cars has led to a significant reduction in large SUV vehicles. In the past, we have associated hybrid cars with automotive manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda, but nowadays companies such as Lincoln, Ford and others are producing hybrid vehicles. This has made it necessary for them to compete in today's changing car market.

However, advertising is not the only force that drives the consumer. Most companies do a lot of research before launching advertising to get the consumer's real desire. The audience is constantly working on studying fashionable things and what brands they want to associate with. I've always wondered how rapidly companies are taking on new models or new releases. This tactic is essentially a tweak or an earlier model or version to improve the perception of a brand new product, which in turn generates greater demand for the product.

A good example of this is Microsoft is particularly good with new versions of products . For example, publishing a Microsoft Vista operating system meant that people had to upgrade their computer because their existing hardware could not support Microsoft Vista requirements. In sum, newer companies tend to strive to create needs because the public is not yet aware of its products. The established companies are more interested in satisfying the current needs of consumers. These companies are already known and their products are vital to their lives so they still have little or no advertising on their products.

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