How to become a great basketball player

If you dream of being the best basketball player in your tournament or in the gym where you play, listen to it! To be the best for hard training, practice perfection and play vigorously.

The basketball skills, like. Shooting, bullet management, rebounding, theft theft, selection and screen setup, protection, postmanship or boxing, passage, shutter shake, without moving the ball, foundation, especially a good jump shot.

Now, if you want to get to the next level of competition, you will improve your basketball skills and practice the way you play. Never miss yourself in your workout or practice; Better quality of exercise time than reducing quantity practices.

Here are some great practical tips to bring you the best you can:

1. One-shot shooting – keep shooting at one point in the courtroom until you reach 90% of the shots, then move to a new place and repeat. Occasionally, they will be able to shoot the shot from anywhere in the courtroom with astonishing precision. Exercise jumps, drops, shots, fad away jumpers, and stills with all your hands. Practice before the shot before the fake shot, practically shooting as if it were a defender on his face.

2nd One-Handed Dribbling – dripping with one hand, passing through your back, back and back, over your shoulder, back and forth, side-to-side, powerful balance and low rebound. You can do this with one hand at a time.

3rd Plyometrics – You need to be able to jump. You will probably get a great jockey experience while playing, but you can really get rid of full potential. Try repeating the jump from one point to bend the jump angle and explode to the highest possible level, stay on the ground, only enough time to accumulate enough energy to jump to the highest possible level.

4th Bite and footprints – You need to have a great force in your feet to jump higher, keep the post, set the right choices and screens. So you will need to raise your body weight by 2-3 times for squatting and at least twice as much as your footprints. This will be painful, but it has tremendous strength that quickly raises your play.

5th Pressing and pulling the upper body – Do not forget the upper body. Quick hands give better dribbles, more steels, and blocked footage and quick release. To increase the speed of the hand, the push-ups, the aces are perfect for manual speed, shoulders, handwheels and shadows. Now go out and grab the rock.

6th Sprint – The best way to increase HGH (human growth hormone) is to run 5-10 seconds of sprints. Sprinting or intense training increases the HGH by up to 300% for a few hours. This means you get faster, stronger, bigger muscles to get your basketball capability to the next level.

Now walk with skill and build speed and strength. You are the best way to rule your championship or the local gym, the Good Job!