How Kobe Bryant developed the Personal Branding Game

Made a lot of personalized branding of individuals. It was a hot topic in recent years. One big mistake of the personal brand has been disclosed for years.

Enter basketball big Kobe Bryant from Los Angeles Lakers.

A monumental failure to become a sterile brand, largely a predecessor, one of the world's most powerful personal brands.

The NBA legend, Michael Jordan, formerly Chicago Bulls.

The overall theme is this: Michael Jordan was the original and Kobe Bryant is a knockoff. But the more the story than this, and it contains lessons for professionals in non-sports businesses. Learn about Bryant's mistakes and probably avoid the same fate.

From a professional, court performance perspective, the difference between Bryant and Jordan can not be so great. Bryant in the Los Angeles Lakers career has been pushing for huge numbers, including the fifth NBA championship title, which was just a short one that Jordan had written for Chicago Bulls.

Bryant has reached more than 25,000 points and is likely to equal or exceed Jordan's 32,000 points career. Bryant also stunned the world of basketball in January 2006 when he scored 81 points against Toronto Raptors, blurring Jordan's 73-point performance. This was the second highest scoring in NBA history; only Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a 1962 game. (Some sports analysts say Bryant's performance was even more robust than Chamberlain.) Bryant was certainly competitive and professionally disciplined, like Jordan. He refuses to accept ethics and refuse to play in any game.

And what became Kobe Bryant for all this? It's just one of the most valuable players in the game like six Michael Jordan. It has received fewer product adverts, while Jordan still retires after Hanes lingerie and other items after retirement. And practically all NBA speakers and analysts still keep Michael Jordan as a separate company. For Bryant, this was a great milestone when television analysts acknowledged in this year's NBA playoff that Bryant was "at least part of the conversation" if his magnitude was equal to Jordan.

You just got the right to be part of the conversation? After these results?

Yes, and that's why. In the earliest days of Kobe Bryant, the admiration for Jordan in the championship was obvious because he was so close to MJ's style of play. Everything Bryant said has decided to be the next Michael Jordan – to prove he is as good as the man he considers the greatest. Maybe even better. And that was the accident that Kobe Bryant had to create a brand of his own who could equal or exceed the Jordanians and endure the test of time.

Unlike Michael Jordan's experience. Jordan was original, partly because the direct superstars – the Boston Celtics Larry Bird and the Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson – were very different in style. Bird and Johnson had a wonderful talent. He was sure that Jordan brought sport and enthusiasm, but the championship had never seen the likes – until Bryant came out.

There were other factors that made Jordan such an indomitable brand. He has created several trademarks, including changing the NBA suit. Jordan – still worshiped with his university basketball uniform – was wearing North Carolina University's shorts and jersey under the Bulls uniform. To hide the shorts and to avoid the violation of the NBA clothing code, Jordan started wearing a pocket. The entire National Basketball Association soon followed its lead.

Jordan's much warmer, more personal personality and electric smile created better media.

This two-person drama is a testimony to the power of the personal brand. The strictly numerical analysis of the two players undoubtedly places the same high platform for Bryant and Jordan. But that's just half the story. Factor in their own brands, and Jordan wins a run.

There are many lessons to be drawn from this shit. These include:

>> A durable personal brand requires authenticity.

>> Imitation of the icon is a sure road to finish second or third.

>> Listen to both your contemporaries and your predecessors.

>> Change yourselves.

>> Distinguish a few marks.

>> Be aware of every word and action created by the subtext.

>> We should not underestimate the importance of personality.

It is possible that Kobe Bryant would have worked out another plan if he could return to his career.