How Kobe Bryant came to Michael Jordan's true heir

Or is another Michael Jordan ever? Would all players officially crown the next Michael Jordan? The answer to this rhetorical question is simple: "Will one ever have another Michael Jackson?" The answer to the latter question is, of course, not the same and the first question.

As Michael Jordan entered his career (surprisingly 30 years), the next MJ search. Interestingly, this coincided with Jordan's first retirement and the media quickly spun Anferne "Penny" Hardaway as the next Jordan. Penny Hardaway was almost at the same height as Jordan and had a similar body type, but was mostly third in a draft of Chris Webber's intimate interior, the first shot and a potential second in Shawn Bradley, an instant comparison brought between Penny and Mike. Hardaway was naturally Mike, and his style was actually closer to magic than Jordan.

Almost all of the following plans from 1993 saw Michael Jordan's second coming; In 1994, he awarded Hill, who was again ranked third, and was very valuable with his very decent and well-groomed image. In 1995 he was even closer, Jerry Stackhouse was at the same height as Jordan (6 ft 6 in), played in the same dormitory (North Carolina), he was in the same position (Shooting Guard), and on top he was also selected in Category 3 . To add mysticism, some also show that Jordan was selected before his teammate Sam Perkins advanced, while Stackhouse was chosen before his teammate Rasheed Wallace. In all respects, Stack would have been the next Jordan; unfortunately, despite the early promises, the game was unable to meet billing (yet it had a very decent career). It did not help Jordan return to the game in March 1995 and put Stackhouse on "Muggle" as a "cheat".

Michael Jordan reigned between 1995 and 1998 again with the NBA becoming clear that at the age of 32 he played the last years of the tournament, so the expectations of the future torch controller. In 1996, Los Angeles Lakers earned a young teenager named Kobe Bryant, who came from the high school directly to the NBA; while showing the lightning of athleticism, he did not really consider the next Jordan dispute; Jordan is still firmly controlled.

In 1998, the most important thing was to find the next Michael Jordan. The league ended, the slam dunk race was terminated, Jordan contracted with the Bulls and rumors rumbled that it was. Finally, Jordan announced his retirement in January 1999, but the tournament had little time to mourn for Vince Carter. He officially crowned the next Jordan, Carter took the Stackhouse "credentials" to another level. A 6-foot 6 shooter came from North Carolina with a shaved head and an invisible panorama of the imagination that only Jordan could secure. Due to Carter, the NBA has restored the success of the Dunk Race as one of the top 2 best tournaments in the league history. Carter was excited about the Jordanian Early Years League, and due to his aerial acrobatics, he had little doubt that he was "the only one"; although on the west coast, young Kobe Bryant, in the shadow of Shaquille O & # 39; Neal, began to show serious Jordan-like abilities.

There are others who for some reason called the next Jordan. Players such as Harold Miner (Baby Jordan !!!!!), Tracy McGrady (just because they were a scoring machine), but none of them had any chance except Carter. For Lakers dominating the NBA, it did not take Shaq's team a long time to become Shaq and Kobe's team as it became increasingly apparent that Kobe, not Carter, was the one who remembers Jordan most [19659002] See 4 components defines Jordan: For media this is for fans this peak of for sponsors and tournaments, for marketability and for specialists tournaments and awards . Michael Jordan successfully integrated all of these elements into a package that made it the world's most popular and sought after athlete. It was good for corporate America, good in White America, good at Black America, good at the NBA, and depending on who is talking, it's good for the sport as well. Since all four elements were found by one person, each new Jordan was called one or another component. If a player sells, he is the next Jordan if another player has scored 50 in the game, the next on Jordan, and so on.

Michael Jordan's success just like Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee or Barack Obama's timing as with the skills. Jordan was not the only super sportsman in his time, he was not the most charismatic and did not end all records. What Jordan did, however, that his contemporaries did not recognize the moment, seizes the opportunity and is positioned so that everyone can approach him and incorporate him into time and space. Michael Jackson realized that the moment of Motown's 25 began to shine. Obama realized that he should push the Bush era and need a new message. Bruce Lee realized that this time was ripe for introducing a new genre. when sport, business and media came to the same place.

To understand the Jordanian phenomenon and find its true heirs, you do not have to look at numbers, acknowledgments, or even advertising. To really find the Jordanian heir, we have to look at what allowed him to capitalize on the moment and get into a winning position, look at his mind, approach the game.

Basketball and most of the high-level sports are likely to be 60% physical, 40% mentally. You compete in a tournament where 95% of the competition is as talented and sporty as you are, so what distinguishes you is the head. As a high school mathematician says, "If two excellent mathematicians are told to solve and explain the problem, the edge does not go smarter, but the one who speaks the language with the skill, the difference maker is not Math but language." [19659002] Michael Jordan is all about his interview and story, he sees the game very machiavellically approaches everything he plays with mind games, breaks and hesitates to sleep with the enemy to get the edge. For Jordan, the defeat of the opponent was not enough, it had to be beaten in such a way that the opponent would never again challenge him; there was not enough sympathy for the opponents, and there was no time for those who could not keep up with the pursuit of glory. Most experts turned it into a murderous instinct that soon identified Jordan and all those who really wanted to win in the championship. When he was elected to the Olympic team in Barcelona in 1992, Jordan admitted that he wanted to give it up, but could not give him the opportunity to spend time with the other stars and study their little secrets and make them great; even at this moment he was just thinking of how he could move forward. When Kobe was fully involved in the Jordan comparison, he had been awarded 3 championship titles but had no personal number. I remember telling everyone who heard that Kobe had to leave Shaq to send the unique numbers. See how Jordan started out with unique numbers and won the championship. Kobe had to set up his own life, and so he brought Shaq's exile from L.A and went through a scoring ceremony that further strengthened Jordan's status. The scoring and the better defense of the scorecards went together to a level where some really thought it was better than Jordan. To this level, Kobe did not care about making an enemy, hesitating to doubled from Jordan's moves, and worked tirelessly for the fall season in his game and body, and finally took the inmates' attitudes to the process.

Another other so-called "next-Jordan" did not come close to what Kobe did to reach this level. Stackhouse was simply not talented and did not work on his game, Penny, McGrady and Hill were victims of injury defects and did nothing to ensure that this did not happen again while Carter simply relied on his natural abilities and reputation; If anything had happened when Kobe developed, Carter was back.

Now, before I go on, let me say that I'm not a KOBE fan for Kobe, but I really hate both Kobe and Lakers as the second coming of the plague. Why is that? Some people may ask you to use "Hater" once. Kobe is 2 months older than me, so probably like me, idolizing Jordan. Like most in my generation, he dreamed that he would be the next Jordan and imitating Jordan to the playground. The only problem is that I was 6 ft 2, I lived in Ethiopia and 6 ft 6 as Jordan and NBA. I do not hate Kobe because he is a famous, good player or defeated my team. I'm bitter because everyone of us who dreamed about the next Jordan was actually the only one who came closer and closer. If that is the case, the most important reason why I hate Kobe to introduce the Jordan Mystery.

The Jordan Mystery was my secret behind the driving force to mimic Jordan's game. Jordan would watch classes and watches alone or with friends, but while most would be surprised at the climax, I would concentrate on interviews. When most of us tried Michael's actions, I was thinking of court decision-making. Jordan's vision was far greater than any of his moves, and Kobe had received it, but Jordan was studying, but he watched what Jordan really made of his associates. Kobe studied it, applied it, and finally ruled the race. All in all, you can see Jordan's role, timing, confidence, willingness to win, the desire to defeat the ground, and so on.

If an opponent has a good game, most players use a firearm to leave him; not Kobe, just like Jordan, not only wants to sell, but wants to close. Kobe does not only face the challenge; He tries to punish him to challenge him. This attitude is rare in today's NBA, so Kobe is such a special animal.

Even if we consider the new generation like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade, Wade is the only one who presents the killer instincts the winner will do all he can. Anthony is still immature and concentrates on playing great games only while Lebron, neglecting the dirty bratos like bad loser behavior, has shown great ability to take over a game; yet he's too focused to prove he's in touch with the latest BET video clips and he seems to be listening to another approval or Hollywood movie. You will not see Kobe doing his stinking leg when he plays great or relaxed because his team is in great lead when something goes, Kobe is still playing hard to wipe away the thoughts of returning in you and the team [19659002] When they told everything and did not love Kobe, I never did, but did not stop saying good, very good. Is it better than Jordan? not a mile away. I still think that defense is more involved than good defense (though one of the best in today's defenseless NBA), and the media are increasingly defending their defense. Dwayne Wade played much better defense last season, but Kobe took the first team defense. I do not even think Kobe's better than his teammates. Some argue that Jordan never won without Pippen; I claim that Jordan actually made Pippen better and would have done it with another talented little progress. Remember that Pippen's perfect complement to Jordan, not vice versa, tells a lot about someone prepares for their work. Kobe, on the other hand, probably traumatized Kwame Brown, slammed Lamar Odom and probably won more of his 4th ring Pau Gasol brought out than Kobe released.

At the end of the day my verdict is clear: Michael Jordan will never be again, simply because it is not comparable to two ages, and as the tournament changes with players, it adapts to it; however, there is a heir to Jordan, style, play and intensity, and his name is Kobe Bryant, who, as I hate to admit, is actually the best player in the NBA. If one really wants to concentrate on the four components designated for Michael Jordan, the true Hebrew will be Yao Ming, but there is another one under pressure.

The years have praised Jordan, and he wondered, we had to wait for Hall's infamous speech. Jordan showed up a part of his personality that separated him. Finally he admitted the game of the personal mind and the core of it that led it. That was the answer we asked for years ago; when the media were looking for the next Jordan, instead of looking for the dormitory, height, voids, or shaved head, they should have looked at the character. Now that Michael Jordan finally revealed, the media blasted what he called an arrogant speech. My personal thoughts finally heard the secret to the man. I'm sure that while many people have been criticized, people in Inglewood, CA, have been carefully and consciously noted in California.

Kobe is the heir to the true Michael Jordan, because as Jordan, and unlike anything else, he came to see him conquered; They did not get him in the next MJ, he took it and forced himself into the spotlight by understanding the most important part of the game: the mind; he studied and learned the best questioned questions and learned to use the weapons against the teachers … Kobe understood that this was his approach to the game that resulted in a special MJ, so he emulated it and Jordan was a true heir … and because Mr. Bryant hates me, but you are also respectful.