How dunk – height is really important?

It is worth watching Michael Jordan's prey. People die like dunk. Not one day, but some days with hard work even as he did. Powerful workouts to increase jumping and dunking practice all you have to do is do it. You can attack in the air and the ball is simply pushed into the basket.

First, lose weight. It maintains its proper body work. No fat deposits. The easier the body is, the easier it is to jump. Avoid fattening food. Secondly, the introduction of a healthy diet is mandatory. Your whole workout may sound in vain if you are not working on eating food. Mostly, proteins are needed to develop muscle, so protein has to be the main ingredient in the diet. A rich source of whey protein, eggs, meat, fish and poultry products.

Warming is part of the workout. Law, practice. This will warm the body that causes injury such as muscle twitching or throttle. Jogging helps the body in fat burning, reducing its weight.

Now the point is, what exercises should be included in the workout. The leg, hip, lower back and arm are the main part of the body involved in dunking. Here you need to strengthen these parts. Wrists, feet, toes, thighs, knee curves, lungs, balmy drives are the most important drills that help the pins, quadriceps, calves, etc.

Go as much as you can. Plyometric exercises are very useful as jumping increases cardiovascular endurance, speed and muscle strength. It brings flexibility and speed to the force. So skip routes, run on stairs, skip after a short run and try to touch the edge of the basket. You can see that your reach increases from day to day if you are consistent. Daily practice is required for steady growth.

In the initial phase, exercises can be exercised without weight. You can later use weights during training and even during loading. Put weights in your pocket. This increases the muscle strength and strengthens your body to make greater efforts to jump high.

Never be fooled by the fact that people of lower altitude can not mutilate. They can prove to be the best player if they are working hard. Anthony Spud Webb, the Atlanta Hawks and the Sacramento Kings were a dunking champion and 5 feet 6 inches tall … They're stupid? Even on the list