How did the basketball game change?

When basketball was first discovered in 1891 by James Naismith, this was the means to practice and shape at the YMCA International Training Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. In that part of the country was a long and hard winter, and Naismith sought to create a game that students both enjoy and enjoy. After some unsuccessful attempts, he finally introduced the number that is extremely popular and which has remained so far. However, there have been many changes in the original game since the beginning of 120 years. Of the original rules that are no longer valid, they were:

– It would include two 15 minutes of playing time

– If any of the teams have committed three consecutive fouls, the opponent's team is on target

– when the ball leaves the boundaries, the player is thrown away by the referee and the first person to touch him touches.

The first game was played with a soccer ball that was thrown into a barbershop. Since then we've been on a long journey and today's modern facilities are typically equipped with a strong basketball machine that places the basket at a height of 10 feet and has a 18 "frame attached to a basketball backgammon.

it only consists of four quarters, each of which takes 12 minutes, 15 points in half. Points will not be awarded to a team if the opponent's team gets successive fouls but needs to get. the ball before it came out

Since the early days of the game, there have been many other changes and additions to the rules, but a very popular and highly-loved sport has been left behind.