How can you play without a good spotlight?

How often did you have to season without a good spotlight? How often did you hear other coaches say your team would be good if they had only one good spot?

It is not questionable to put a heavy quality basketball team without qualifying point defenders. the team makes good decisions against the ball, the quickness of the team's quick break, defensive pressure on opponents, and the many other things a player needs to do [19659002] What are you doing if you are facing a season without having a good puncture player? Surely you can not put a mediocre guard on the floor and expect him to run the crime and the defense as a quality spotlight. There may be a major offense you've been using for years, but this crime requires a quality player to "run the show". Then what are you doing?

You must first stop your crime. You can not do the same game you have successfully used in the past.

The best setting you can make is that your inadequate punch gets "early" to the ball. Most good players will be in a position to put the ball into a position to initiate a crime regardless of what pressure it is facing. A mediocre guard has to pass the ball to someone before moving to the middle line or the middle line.

Who should pass it on?

You must pass the 2 or 3 male winged players or go to a player who is pulling away from the basket and out of the top of the circle.

The player he goes through must be a reasonably good ball manager and he must be taught how to initiate the offense after he gets the ball. Would you like to have a choice or want a particular player or position to reach? Do you want to get in touch with defense response and make decisions?

Your 2 players, often another guard, can get more freedom than your 3 players, often yours.

If the ball is written as a post player, he or she must face the basket and pass the ball to another player without dribbling. Few passive players are able to handle the ball effectively from the basket. Excellent offensive release players, as the defensive station is generally not very good at pushing the trigger; but few can drip well and in this situation they must be taught to keep the ball off the floor and rotate the ball to the other side of the floor.

Let's See the Opportunities in All Positions

If the ball goes to Player 2 or 3, you can (1) fill the column or (2) move to the other wing or (3) [19659002] If the ball is given to player 4 or 5, (1) looks like a low position, or (2) immediately passes to the wrong player. If the player has the option, then he can lean toward a winged player and move to the wing. Many post-gamers can do this, especially if they are given daily skill in skill.

In all these situations, the offense was initiated without initiating point defender

Which would be the best player to watch the "early pass"?

Depends on (1) the wing or post ball management ability and (2) the defensive ability of the opponent. If the two men are defended by players who can have good defense pressure, the mediocre guard has been trained to lead the early pass to the 3 men.

If both players 2 and 3 are guarded by excellent defenders, the point defender must enter the ball for the weakest defender.

gets the first take-over from the point guard, not as important as the release of the ball from the punctuator's hand, before the error occurred.

What if the inadequate shooter is a good shooter? He can give you the ball early, put it hard in the basket and return to the down screen to get a possible shot.

What about a fast break? With the team's drilling you can get into the ball for the right handler and the fastest player of the winged players. They can then move on the ball during the break. Or you can highlight the "blast" dripping. The jumper, instead of performing an output transfer, simply launches the ball to sink down quickly to drift.

If you get the first pass from the spotlight, it's not as important as leaving the ball out of the spotlight, BEFORE, make a mistake.

The focus. If you make the decision to give the first take-over to 2 or 3 players, this pass can be done before the point defender passes the middle line. If the pass is to be made by the player, the point guard must break through the middle courtyard only and then pass it on to the post.

Another option if you do not have a proper point guard is a 2-defensive front for the offense. But for this, a whole article should be discussed. Forty years ago, most of the teams ran a 2-sided front and relied on a single "spotlight". Without a good spot in the game today, a 2-way bar can be the answer to the season. But to run, you need to know the 2-crimson crime! This would prevent most coaches from running. (If you want to see someone knowing how to start a 2-defensive criminals, check out the Uconn women's team under Gino Auriemma and make them perfect and coaches can learn a lot from their execution

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