Hockey great: Three players to know

Hockey is a North American sport that comes from a similar European sport. Like American football and baseball, it is rooted in the new world and is more popular than its ancestor. The official birth of the game dates back to 1875 in Montreal, Canada, where they played the same size as the playground today. In more than a century of competition, the secrets of the game have risen and reigned to place themselves in the great pantheon. These three titanium stand out from the other luminaires, since it is best to ever twist a pair of skates.

Wayne Gretzky

Does not get a nickname for "the Great" for nothing. Wayne Gretzky is not Michael Jordan's hockey, Michael Jordan's Wayne Gretzky is basketball. He reigned in sports as some other athletes. Gretzky made more than 200 points (goals and awards) in a single season for four consecutive years; no other player did it once. He won the Stanley Cup four times and was named the most valuable player nine times shocked. When he traded with the Los Angeles Kings, he immediately aroused the Southern California adventure that galvanized the game in the early nineties. Almost two decades later she retired, but still holds 60. Gordie Howe

While Wayne Gretzky was a singer in the fight against hockey; Gordie Howe talked with her fist. When a player receives a goal, help and fight, NHL fans call this "Gordie Howe Hat Trick". But he and Gretzky were similar to each other. Howe is the only player who eliminates the career goal of 800. Howe's hardness, grain and muscles embody what the Canadians love for their national winter sports. Gretzky breaks most of the record, but Howe's 26 seasons in the championship are still in front of everyone.

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr may be the weird man who is the only defender, but he's the style of the game represented all valuable value as the reproduction. He won three consecutive championship MVP trophies and was not a scorer. He revolutionized how defenders attack power games and hold a record of most defensive goals and points in a season. He is also the only defender ever to score in the league during the season. Orr is best known on the "target", the Orr home shoot, with which Boston Bruins is the first Stanley Cup. Even the fans of the everyday ice hockey know the horizontal and lifelike Orr's image, which flew in the air after the net was embedded in the Bruins' history.

Future generations may remain in place, but these legends continue to live

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