Givers or buyers in life – Who wins?

At first glance, you can assume that people are enjoying a better life, receiving more, achieving greater success, and even wealth. However, depending on how you want to determine these four results, consider it; Patients live longer, healthier, more positive and more persistent, less patient, have greater inner peace and happiness, and each one is opposed.

So let me ask you – if you can choose which of the above groups you are going to go through your life, years and circumstances – what is your decision?

Well, maybe you need a bit more information before deciding – OK, consider the following. Let's look at three main areas of life – careers, relationships and longevity.

I'm sorry I'm not out of money because I've learned that most of them have learned that money can buy travel, things, positions, power, influence, and comfort but can not buy life's happiness, health, and spiritual satisfaction. I know that we can apologize for these points for hours, but let's givers or takers for a while – just want to insist on the title – who wins over time in life?

First, it is necessary to define both groups;

Careful – all of them – about what they are, what they get, what they belong to what they deserve, their position, do not have to wait for anything to serve them, they are always right, their time and agenda is more important than yours – was it enough or should I go further? All right, no need to say Thank you, or we have shown their recognition, their goals, needs and wishes all count. Before I leave this group – one of the things I've learned is that the participants do not see themselves as revenue – they are really good-natured because their self-definition – I am – kind, caring and thoughtful – I'm sorry, You're not close yet.

Okay, what's the deal with? First they invest in others, they sacrifice time, effort and even possessions when others need it. They do not judge who is describing when, how and how – they give their time, efforts, care and compassion to aliens. They do not condemn, blame, or get away. They do not hold the score, and in the smallest way they always show appreciation. According to researchers, their researchers are less likely to live, live longer, happier, and enjoy greater inner peace. Could you ask – the rich may be rich? The difference between divers and receivers is not money. There are poor and extremely rich. Money is not the measuring rod between the two groups. The only thing that separates them is their life prospects.

Living parents is the abandonment of service, sacrifice, sharing, and love. For receivers, this is what I got what i deserve, what do you owe me (here you are not talking about money yet) and what I can check.

Entrepreneurs lose their respect, loyalty, and even power over time.
Contacts usually spend more time alone. By contrast, students are more real friends, not just knowledge, better and happier relationships, and more satisfying caregivers. The wearers are more likely to experience conflicts and tensions in their lives, while parents enjoy greater peace and satisfaction, as well as loneliness.

In my life and in global travel, I know many people in both camps, including clients, friends, relatives, customers, employees, and neighbors. I recently decided to examine which of these people I knew had the greatest impact on my life, circumstances and possibilities – my acquaintances or the taxes. I guess who had the biggest positive effect and the biggest negative impact?

Well, if you're not sure – the helpers helped me the best and the participants taught me not to go away – much more, but very kind.

What is with you – first do you see yourself as a donor or acceptor? If you would ask some people who would be honest with you, which group you were in – what would most of them or even all of them have?

Which group is usually in the inner circle? Which group do you most like to meet? Which group did you best assist or taught you the most? In which group do you spend most of your time? Which group did you attract to your life?

Enough questions – let me conclude a recommendation. Years ago, I read a great book called Evatt by Givers and Takers. Let me summarize one of the most important promises.

Benefactors tend to make themselves attractive in their lives because they need to be given. Owners tend to be attractive to givers because they need those who give them. The worst connections are two acceptors, one cleaner, one cleaner and / or one cleaner taken by a wife wife – did you get it? Why – because they never get what they want, no matter how hard they try. Best Relationships There are two things

– two spouses who are givers, two friends who are givers, a donor employee working for a donor boss and why? Because they both get what they want or need, but not because they ask for it, they deserve it or want it, but because they both give it not to get it.

So – are you the winner or the acceptor? No – not what you think because it is because others want to decide – what are you really? If you're an acceptor – you have the courage to admit it?