Get to the crap – Secrets for scoring

I recently received an email from a trainer who asked this question: Can you tell what the guards should do before and during intrusion and how to finish the flush? As I was prepared to answer the question, it was understandable for me what this coach wanted. Like all other basketball skills, there are many skills to the end result. Let's take a look at the secrets of scoring. In this article, we will investigate what is happening before and during intrusion.

There are many elements to consider when breaking down this ability. There is an art to decide on jogging, as opposed to a trainer who tells his players to simply "get to the edge"

before . The first thing to do is clear your defender. There are, of course, many ways to do this. Knowing that you are on a pure or open side, players are also thinking. He sees that it is possible to drive to the basket.

1. Once the defender, the ball operator needs to quickly assess the floor. Good teams do not allow them to just go and come. They will be in their place. According to the survey, the opportunity to pass the basket OR passage is visually inspected on the floor.

2nd I've always taught Stride Stop as a way to guide a dribbler, but at the same time strong with the ball. This is where many children are missing. They are convinced that they are guided all the way to the ring and thus do not provide any help. Many players jump into the air at this time to play. The stairs stop a controlled jumping stop and rotate at the deepest intersection point. It allows control, balance, correct decision making, shot shooting and temporary opportunity

. If the rim has a clear path, the ball must be moved to the rim as strongly as possible. Some players take one leg hard. Others have to jump and then go and finish.

Finishing the Circle

1. Power is the most important. Protecting the ball as it goes up the ball. Use the phrase: "Take the guard yourself." In other words, the most important thing is not to let the defenders come in contact with the stoppage.

2nd Concentration is vital. Most players concentrate on the upcoming contact, not the edge. When this happens, contact will be the focus and not the shot.

3rd Using the blocking dummy and counterfeiters is good because it simulates contact with the rim

. Terms used over the years:

a. Make the wheel – it means that the ball should be positioned as close as possible. It makes sense that the fewer balls you need to travel, the better chance you can make it.

b. Play the connection

c. Take the protector with you.

d. Wait for the contact – how many times did you see a player getting injured or knocking hard and acting as if NOT IDEA to have anything to do with the basket. This is a way of thinking that can help players develop. I use the term "Contact"

The key to this is the player's ability, because defensive is not allowed to get into the basket. It just means they beat the first line of defense. Creation or shooting is possible, but a temporary jumper or jumper (mid-range game). This gives players three options after defending a defender, not just one.