George Steinbrenner hardened Ohio State Football with Woody Hayes and won the National Championship

George Steinbrenner has become famous worldwide as the owner of the New York Yankees, but very few people recognize that in the 1950s George Steinbrenner served as assistant coach on the legendary Buckeye icon on Woody Hayes at Ohio State University ). In fact, George was part of the 1954 Ohio State National Championship team, which was unbeaten.

The New York Yankees organization, which has been owned by Steinbrenner for decades, Forbes Magazine has rated a $ 1.5 billion organization as the top five most valuable sports teams in the world for all sports. Before moving his luck to the family shipping business, he lived a slightly pedestrian life that included the dormitory, the role of air traffic, the marriage, and a short spell like the Ohio coach in Ohio. In some ways, George Steinbrenner lived almost a Forest Gump-like life that attended the college football team, stepped into the armed forces, fell in love, made good fortune, found a number of chances for historically iconic figures, and a number of unique stores

on the northern edge of Ohio State's Rocky River , an area that is currently a rich suburb of Cleveland, the area where George grew up before he was in North Indiana's military school. After graduating from Williams College, Massachusetts, in 1952 and spending a few years at the Columbus Columbus Air Force at the Lockbourne Air Force Base, Ohio descent decided to resign honorably in 1954 remain in the neighborhood. Over the next two years, Steinbrenner gained physical training at the nearby Ohai State University master's degree.

While graduating in Ohio, George Steinbrenner signed up for the national football team, where he attended a graduate assistant where he made a legendary dormitory coach Woody Hayes. In one season when George was with Buckeyes, the team committed a 10-0 record that won the 20-7 Rose Bowl at Southern California (USC) on January 1, 1955.

in a beautiful season with the Rose Bowl victory, Woody Hayes, George Steinbrenner and the rest of Ohio State Buckeyes took advantage of second place UCLA to capture the second national soccer championship at Buckeyes. In addition to the Seven World Series wins (1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009), George Steinbrenner was the owner of the New York Yankees on 3 January 1973 on 4 July 1930 in the 1954 season as a dormitor national championship, where the iconic College Football Hall of Fame coach Woody Hayes