Four Fantasy Football Strategies to Help You Manage Your Home or Workgroup

If you want to dominate your home, friend or work fantasy football league, then this article teaches you three strategies that will help you make big money! When I bring up a player, it's more like a proposal, because anything can happen in the field . You check what's happening to him yet!

These general strategies provide you with the opportunity to appear on the day of your domination.

1. Rules and Scoring: Learn about the rules and scoring of the particular tournament. This is absolutely necessary. You need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • How many people do you plan on?
  • How many positions do you start?
  • Is this a Pont-Per-Reception (PPR) tournament?
  • Return yardage matters?
  • How many points do you get for the QB touchdown?
  • How many points will I lose for an eavesdropper?
  • Was there a tournament?

You need to know these issues because all responses will affect your research and rankings. In the PPR championship, the WR suddenly rises in value and continues on the runner's back. Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew may be more valuable than Adrian Peterson in the PPR league.

If your championship is PPR and counts down, a guy like Reggie Bush is likely to go ahead with one or two rounds like no rule. In most leagues, QBs get 4 points. In a standard setup where 6pts TD is given, they are obviously more valuable.

Some leagues also launch two QBs, so you have to remember to grab an extra QB. You really need to know all your starting positions so you can be sure you get a quality starter in every position.

Players' leagues are sometimes young and upward override production. I'm sure I will be able to draft Cedric Benson, but Ryan Matthews will not have any progress in the future? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself.

If you understand the rules of the league, you can start the research. If you are in a PPR tournament, you are looking for "2010 Fantasy Football PPR Ranking" instead of Google 2010 "Fantasy Football Rankings". Use the sane feelings as well, if you are in a league that places emphasis on a certain skill set / position, those who bring it to the table will rise in value.

2nd Research: Now that you know how to start research – do it. Make your own cheats. Do not just use Yahoo's ranking. Free sites can be found in many places:

  • walterfootball .com / fantasy.php

There are options on which multiple sites are watching but this will give you good start. Go through as many of these rankings as you can and make your own list, keeping in mind only this (or other) web pages.

Then go over the list and rearrange it according to your league rules. Use common sense and more accurate rankings (such as PPR rankings) to rearrange the original list.

If you have a list, you can move one step to the targets. Read Coaching Changes:

  • Saints & # 39; Defense was released last year after the defensive coordinators changed.
  • Jets had a good D fantasy with Rex Ryan's arrival.
  • Is Matt Forte and Jay Cutler likely to retire with Martz for years?

This step should be as close as possible to the draft. So you can set pre-season injuries, loosening or changes in depth charts.

3rd Design Day Checklist: We've done the research and have a drat day, what do you bring?

  • Your scam: You only spent days using them. This includes a large master list of all ranked players. Keep your head in the game highlighting everyone I'm going to.
  • This is the latest list from the group depth table: Only if you are trying to make late rounds
  • List of handcuffs: These are players with fantasy emphasis and a starter damage. If you are injured, you may want to "clip" it to your replacement. If someone else would injure you, you should grab the clamp to stick to it.
  • Player's list of bachelor's days: You do not want all week's Viennese weeks.
  • An empty list of all other groups of people: This might be great, I always get a list that everyone can find the pool between their positions. When they get to a certain position, I'll check. This may be enormous because if everyone is convinced that you already have a beginner QB, you may be able to get QB and elsewhere. If you do this, you will immediately be in front of the general population.
  • Drinks: Bring whatever your chosen drink is. Even if you drink alcohol, there is nothing wrong with bringing a bottle of water. Handling water means keeping your comfortable seat. I would deny the use of the glass to alleviate myself. Too far away.
  • Arriving Early: Would like a good place to arrive early. I know the people who actually make spice in the trunk of their car, in case the owner runs out of the seats.
  • Add a clipboard – It's a good chance you will not be at a table, so it's better to bring a clip forum. You will have fun, but it will help.
  • Various Color Pickers: These may be helpful if you want to identify potential sleeping places or values ​​for a future choice. It is also good to use to highlight top lists. You do not want to bother things in a fantasy design.
  • Humor: Better sense of humor because there will be little confusion along the way. There will be people like me, pickets. I'm not over gameplay games. A little friendly evil is always fun. You can also try to play games to make sure someone does not want to choose.
  • Get Your Brain: Make sure you bring your brain to yourself, which means you choose the second last protection and then a kick.

4. Play Resignation Wisdom Wisely: Now that the draft is complete, use the resignation wire properly. Never waste the resignation of kicker or defense. Wait until the resignation wire ends (usually on Wednesday) and then pick up the kicker or defense for the bye week or replacement. Only use the resigning lead on people who can really improve the team. The perfect time is when the launcher gets hurt and quality backup is available.

These four strategies deal with average fantasy players with head and shoulders. If you want to dominate your work or your home league, remember to know the rules, research, prepare for daytime preparation, and play the wire as a violin. Now that you've read this article, put it into practice and enjoy the exciting fantasy football season.