Five NBA Sneaky Tricks – How To Play Basketball Like A Pro

At high school and college levels, most basketball coaches prefer players not to be too fond of basketball moves, as the heart of the game is the goal and they do not show how many tricks they can move. In addition, most of the tricks are quite risky; if players can not pull them out, they are likely to generate traffic. In some situations, however, the tricky basketball tricks we often see on NBA players can be very useful. The important idea is that you need to know how to perform them correctly and try to use them sparingly to avoid unnecessary errors

. Crossover Dribble

Dwyane Wade and Allen Iverson are very good at this. Crossover chakra is basically a weight-loss trick that allows you to move the ring to the ring as much as possible. To get this basketball trick done, you must move to your left foot (assuming you are holding the right), moving your right hand through your body on a diagonal track, holding the ball with your left hand, then with your right leg a long make a transverse step towards the basket. This step is no-no, if closely monitored; it would be easy enough for the defender to steal the ball. Also, never open your left hand to grab the ball. Instead, just let him jump to the left. If you reach, you will automatically display the ball to the defender and throw the ball out of your leg.

2. Spin Dribble

Use this basketball player if he is in the open court and the defender blocks the path to the basket. To execute this step (assuming right hand), with your right hand to the guard, move your left foot slightly from the front, then swipe off a 180-degree turn from your left leg and then half-manually halfway on the set. As you turn your back on the guard, load a 180-degree rotation on your right foot and face the basket again. This basketball trick has two disadvantages to force a blind spot into a rotation at a glance, and if you move this step too fast, you can drop the inequality.

3. Behind-the-Back Pass

This is a high-risk step, so you're okay or do not do it at all. A good time to do this trick is two-in-one, fast pause. For the ball to be carried effectively behind you, the momentum comes from your arms and fingers, not from your shoulders. By reversing your shoulders, let go of the defenders to stay behind. Make sure you have good communication and mutual understanding with your teammate to hand over the ball

. Change-of-Pace Fake

This is a very useful step if you find a double team. The more the defenders are exhausted, the more likely they are to seduce this trick. As soon as you are about to become a dual team, just slow down and take your first leg. Hold your head and straighten it a bit so the defenders will believe it will slow down. As you see them, you slow down, speed up by pulling your front leg, go by and go to the basket

. Blocking a shot

Blocking a shot is another thing we see more often in the NBA than in high school or college basketball games. Most high players easily block the shot, but not all of them can do it. Here are some things you should remember when blocking the shot:

1.) Do not just block blocking. Try turning the ball where your teammates can easily get into a rebounding position.

2.) To keep an accident, hold your hand straight up so that it appears as if the shooter places your hand in the ball.

3.) Keep your feet on the floor. The jump might be vulnerable to being faked.