Fitness for Kids – Top 10 Tips

1) Learn the new sport

With the status of growing status and sports, such as golf and tennis, get the kids to a new sport. In addition to increasing activity and interest, sport always enhances the child's coordination, movement patterns and confidence among his peers. Sports such as golf, tennis, basketball, badminton and martial arts are a great match for everybody, and every child can find a real champion! Kids are great dreamers!

2) Set a Good Example

If you want your kids to be active, you must be active! Take an example, park the car at the supermarket entrance, use our stairs instead of the escalator, pick up the kids early and walk before going to work, practice some drill drills before dinner like push ups, lunges, squats or jumpers.

3) Park to the Park

Parks are the perfect solution for kids to run and enjoy with their friends. Load-lifting training, like running and jumping, keeps your bones and muscles strong and helps them develop good motor control and coordination skills.

4) Kids Fitness Boot Camp

A brand new fitness experience for kids, allows kids to practice a fun and effective gym environment for fitness professionals. Kids learn how to move safely and challenge themselves with their weight, training tubes, bands, and medical balls. Established and operated by Fitcorp Asia professionals 5) Home Tasks

as a dog walking, vacuuming and dusting. Not only will this help you build your sense of responsibility, but also build strong bonds with your children.

6) Family Fitness!

Get the whole family out for weekend activities. Play or tag in the back yard or in the park. Do the training and something you enjoy. If you show that you enjoy the practice, it will be.

7) Fun Parks

In addition to spending fantastic time on all the tours, one day in the fun park such as Dream World, ride a horseback ride. Earthly memories and great for the whole family.

8) Ask and Get

Ask the kids what they want to do! More often, he has no influence on school or his friends, which has caused interest. Ask me and you'll be surprised.

9) Fun Activities at Home

Cancer Football, Label, Jump Rope, Hide and Search, or Create a Fun Circuit for Kids and Friends. Stair running, hoola hoops, hopscotch, skating, springboard, balance drills, frog jumps, arm circles and missed ropes make for a fun and highly effective training

10) Create a Rewards System

for a practice that encourages children to practice on a regular basis. Use rewards, such as movies, tickets for sports events, new sports equipment such as jumping ropes, roller blades, tube exercises. Never use food as a reward.