Find out the perfect NFL Throwback Jersey

Do you remember Howie Long? No, not the neat and bookmaker Howie Long, sitting every day on the Fox network on Sundays and trading with Terry Bradshaw. We are talking about the tough, slender, slim, flattering Howie Long that led Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl victory in 1984 and who realized that the big leap was called "rip"? This is Howie Long – do you remember it?

Anyone who is fond of the glorious days of the NFL will remember Howie Long and the great guys like him. And how better way to celebrate your love for the game than an NFL throwing race?

Taking one of these great NFL hockey wins is a good way to show off your love for classics or great players in the past before the football was so politically filled and the troops had to be filthy rich. Back when men were as tough as nails and nicknames like The Fridge and The Bus. When you knew the players what they did on the track, not about who they came from the field. When players care about the game, they are not just their stats and badge and what kind of commercial support they have received. Possession of the NFL Championship shows that the true play of football is appreciated in all its rough and bloated glory.

If you want to choose an NFL throw contest for yourself, get a special report for you. If you remember when the Cowboys were unstoppable, proudly wear the Aikman's name on your back. If the persistence of John Elway is what you are looking for, get yourself a Denver number 7.

The key to choosing the most suitable NFL jersey jersey is to personalize yourself and not just to store sports equipment. Celebrate the games you've seen and the players you love.