Famous celebrities you never knew to enjoy models and railways

Johnny Cash, Winston Churchill, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Roger Daltrey, Joe DiMaggio, Rick Green, Gene Hackman, Tom Hanks, David Hasselhoff, Elton John, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, and Gary Coleman?

All these celebrities love miniature trails running around miniature mountains, rivers and cities.

In short, they're all train addicts.

Johnny Cash, American singer and songwriter, television commercials and Lionel Trains advertise in the 1970s.

Neil Young is the owner of Lionel Trains.

Rod Stewart, who has spent so much time and money on the train model between blonde and his scientist. It is a fact that the stunning reproduction of Rod's New York Grand Central station, in which the 1940s clothing was 100 meters long, with buildings and shapes, was decorated in October 2007 with the Model Railroader cover. The Honest Rod is more than a "cover on Rolling Stones."

Late Gary Coleman is another fan of train models who, in an online interview at ABC News, said, "I'm currently doing Lionel trains, prototyping I do them as much as possible while playing games. I still want to do this as much as possible. "

Gary Coleman has allegedly left his entire train collection for the Allied Model Trains, the Original Whistle Stop and the Train Shack in LA. So if you're a train modeler, make Frank Sinatra train arrangements on DVD

So what's the attractiveness of these attractions?

First of all, they are not toys, fans tell you that works of art The real versions have calmed down, they are like the real, the mere skill they need to learn the division of labor in all kinds of trades: a semi-competent carpenter, electrician , metalworkers, painters, sculptors and designers.

There is the joy of escapism. You can forget about life-time activities for hours, while relaxing the perfect world for all your own making plans.

And it's never complete. Just hold the scrubbing to add more things to the model to be perfect. Add a mountain here, a lake there, multiple lanes. The list is endless. It can take years. Then of course there is the ultimate thrill of seeing the trains around the track.

No wonder there are many celebrities with modeling exercises!