Every city's sports team has won all four major championship titles in one year?

The simplest answer is not. The city did not accept the current owner of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (Larry O 'Brien / Walter A. Brown Trophy), the World League Trophy (Major League Baseball) and the Stanley Cup (National Hockey League). in the same year. The closest all cities came to in 1988 when the Raiders, Lakers and Dodgers brought all the Los Angeles championships. Six more times in the city were four of them: 1956: New York Giants (NFL) and New York Yankees (MLB)

  • 1971: Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)
  • 1976: Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)
  • 1999: Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and Dallas Stars (NHL)
  • 2001: Denver Broncos (NFL) and Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
  • 2002: Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) and Anaheim Angels (MLB)
  • 2004: New England Patriots (NFL) and Boston Red Sox (MLB)
  • However, sports history students are aware that these four trophies did not always represent the "most important" leagues. There are some of the major competing competing champions, such as the American Football League before the merger or the World Hockey Association. Furthermore, the NBA was not always the most important basketball league and other leagues have a good claim to being "the" most important basketball tournament at different times. Finally, we must at least consider the champions in the Canadian football league, taking into account the number of NHL teams in that country.

    Extending the definition thus gives a relatively small number of cities to our list. By the end of the 1920s, three of the four major champions in New York were Giants, Yankees and Brooklyn Celtics in 1927 and Yankees, Rangers and Brooklyn Celtics in 1928. The Brooklyn Celtics played at the same time in the American Basketball League when the NBA did not exist yet.

    With these two racing cities taking into account these competing and eliminating major leagues:

    • 1930: Montreal Canadiens (NHL) and Montreal AAA (CFL)
    • 1932: Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Argonauts (CFL)
    • 1942: Toronto Maple Leafs (NFL) and Toronto RCAF Hurricanes (CFL)
    • 1944: Montreal Canadiens (NHL) and Toronto HMCS Donnacona
    • 1947: Chicago Cardinals (NFL) and Chicago American Gears (NBL)
    • 1947: Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Argonauts (CFL)
    • 1948: Cleveland Indians (MLB) and Cleveland Browns (AAFC)
    • 1977: Montreal Canadiens (MHL) and Montreal Alouettes (CFL)
    • 1987: Edmonton Oilers (NHL) and Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)

      • The Toronto RCAF Hurricanes and the Montreal HMCS Donnacona were various football teams of armed forces,
      • Chicago American Gears was in the National Basketball League. The NBL joined the Basketball Association (BAA) in 1949 to create the current NBA.
      • Cleveland Browns has started the history of the All-America Football Conference. The AAFC competed for NFL four years ago. In 1949, AAFC was partially entered into the NFL, Cleveland Browns won the NFL title title next year
      • So while no city had completed the GrandSlam of large-scale championships, New York (twice) and Los Angeles (once) were close.