Error: The secret of greatest success

"More than 9,000 shots missing, 26 times missed the winner of the game, Michael Jordan

Jordon was a bit of a success, the most important thing he knew was that he often defines the bug in fact a roadmap to success If he fails The title of the article is complicated, it sounds like I'm writing about how to fail, a plan of failure failing, but in fact this article says that failure can lead to success, sounds strange, but this is a lifestyle, we spend so much time, which ensures that we will not fail or fall into our face, in a very small, very closed space, there is only one error and give up, and when you think about it, there are times when this is not a mistake, sometimes we know, We went backward, we moved in the wrong direction, we bent down and went along another road, this was not a mistake, that's the wisdom

. Public relations and marketing? Once , learning the launch of a successful media contact campaign follows the same rules as successful learning. It comes with a successful game plan, implemented, and see what works. It is possible that not all plans will be at home, some may be full flop. So learn from these.

For example, when I started the PR campaign around my book Spin to Win, I began by describing how the PR process works. There were stories about hazelnuts and screws, and about the aspects of launching a public relations campaign. Well, there are some media speeches, but not great. So I thought I was the PR company owner and I started a very ineffective campaign in my own book. I could've stopped there, I thought I forgot the signal and gave it up. But we changed the approaches. Rather than raising the story of the launch of a PR campaign, it turned out what news or companies they were dealing with in the news (usually for reasons that require PR damage). It is courageous with the media stories you could entertain yourself with. By addressing the needs of the media, I gave them media stories that worked for them and were able to get the message and published the book in CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and many other media.

So even though the initial pitch did not resonate the way I hoped, this led me to come up with the second approach and this approach worked. I can not say how many times this was in my PR experience. It is therefore impossible to judge a media campaign within one, two, or three months. As in life, real success requires time, creativity, work and perseverance. This is the perspective that can be the hardest part, but this is also the biggest piece of the puzzle. Ask Michael Jordan.

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