Equity in Football – Benefits and Disadvantages of Benefits

The gap between rich and poor clubs has never been greater. The amount of money circulating in the game has never been bigger. The number of players who have become more and more millionaires, and the acquisition of fast cars and large mansions has never been bigger. Unfortunately, however, the number of clubs, especially the high prestige and the history behind them, has never been greater.

There's always something wrong with seeing a football club, especially to break and compete with a title. As the volume of money on the market increased, the cost of staying in the game increased.

Such a large wage increase resulted in smaller, less-abundant clubs with a major drawback to the challenges of titles and championships. As a result, many clubs have been forced to gain financial impetus in order to attract players to remain competitive. This has been reduced to some clubs such as Leeds United, who has become the Finals Champions League final in five years.

The question remains whether this wage spiral can be controlled to damage the smaller clubs? The answer is yes, and football is used only in 2 countries of the world: the USA and Australia. Both Major League Soccer and the A-League are known as a pay restriction, which limits the club's ability to spend on players' wages each year.

The main advantage of such a system is to ensure that all teams are competitive despite their earnings and profits. This ensures players' equality and equality, and keeps fans at the edge of the meeting when challenging the title, as nobody persecutes.

The main disadvantage of the pay-as-you-go system is that it is very difficult for a club to retain players. As a result, the championship winners rarely stay together for another season. This was exactly when Melbourne Victory dominated the 2006/07 race. The withdrawal of various players in 2007/08 led to Victory's catastrophic season. Restrictions on salaries are even more disadvantageous in football, especially if other tournaments do not have a pay-as-you-go. As a result, the best players and talents are drawn away from the tournaments and the remains of the fans remain.

However, the risk of losing talent is no greater than the risk of club losing. Although clubs may lose track of players due to a pay-as-you-go, you will be confident that fans will still have a club to support.

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