Eleven tips to bring more energy to the next interview

In his book Success is a choice, Rick Pitino writes about what Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan share. "One of the common denominators is these three parts that their presence increases everyone else's performance, that's the size," said Pitino.

Johnson, Bird and Jordan released their energy level to their teammates when they were in the game. This energy handed him when he made an incredible pass, with a ball ball or a balanced jump at the critical point of the game.

Some people think they're powering you when you shout, yell or yawn at the back. But these three athletes have shown that energy levels have nothing to do with bouncing and shouting. Energy level has intensity and focal point.

As these three basketballs have transferred energy levels to their teammates, they have to pass the energy level to the questioner. The given energy level of the interview will have a great impact on potential job offers.

When you meet with an interviewer, the ability to transfer energy results in:

More energy,

The same energy or

Less energy

If you leave more energy to the lease manager you will leave a positive impression the questioner. If you leave the lessor with the same amount of energy or less energy, he also starts sending other work plans because he does not get a job unless the shooting manager desperately fails to complete the job.

give great energy to an interview:

1. There is an attitude that says "I deserve the victory". Believe that you deserve the job offer. Do your homework on the company and your position. Determine how to bring value to your business.

2nd Practice for the interview. Think of the questions you would ask if you were the Lease Manager. Practice answers with family or friends

3. Initially, it's just a bit louder than normal. A louder speech will generate more energy on your part.

4th Write the note you will use in the interview: ENERGY! Every time you see the word ENERGY, you will remind yourself that you are still thinking about transferring energy levels to the lessor

. Stay in the moment. Our inner critic is fond of living in the past or in the present. The inner critic always reminds us of "if we" when we start thinking about the future. Internal criticism in the past works by saying "You should not have done this" or you should have done it. "The more time you spend in the present before the interview, the more energy you get, the future or the past is worrying about our level of energy

6. Use self-control See yourself in the interview at the lender Study both of them to enjoy the process

7. Hold your hand tightly, see the questioner in his eyes and smile, these three actions instantly allow the interviewer the energy level.You will not guarantee you the job but will not do it, this will guarantee a short Interview

8. Use a positive conversation Use the "I am" statements before the interview Say to yourself, "I am energetic, I am positive, I'm sure repeat this mantra until you believe it.

ninth Focus on what you can do to make the interview a great experience for you and your rental manager … Take full part in the process and both of you feel like you've just enjoyed the big conversation.

10th The night before the victim gets a lot of sleep, most doctors recommend 7-8 hours every night. Consistent sleep less fatigue

11. Practice: Quick Stepping at the Front Deeper breathing will help more oxygen in your lungs and then deliver oxygen to your limbs

Think about Larry, Magic, and Michael the next time you enter an interview: Create an energy level for the interview that says : "I deserve the job offer." If so, you have a very good chance that the "W" interview win column