Early NBA changes

In the first month of each NBA season, handicappers must pay particular attention. Replacing new coaches, new players, injuries, and series requires that matches and handicappers be at the top of the game. For example, after training for Nate McMillan last year's 17-3 training, Seattle Supersonics broke out of the game during Bob Weis's first-year coach. They bombed a game after Weis read them for rebellion. Defense is one of the biggest weaknesses. On the weekend, Sonics's opponents are 50 percent off the field this season, the best in the NBA! Seattle started 2-5 on the spread, a money-making machine that was far from Sonics a year ago.

Where did Nate McMillan go? Portland, and the Blazers have a happier ship than last year. The Blazers started 4-2 against spreading and 3-1 SU / ATS. Portland under McMillan ran 4-1 over the flood.

In Charlotte, he notices that Raymond Felton started this week for the injured Brevin Knight. Felton has 18 points and 10 assistants in his first career to assist Bobcats with five-time losing streaks, winning 122-90 against Pacers. I did not suggest that there be a change that turns Bobcats into an attacking machine or a good team to look at the total amount. However, it should closely examine such changes and the effects of the court.

Another team, with a series of upsets, will change this week in Utah. The problem is the same as last season: There are too many injuries. Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer are still excluded. At their loss at Sacramento, this week, Utah was a newcomer to Andre Owens, who launched his first NBA with CJ Miles and Robert Whaley's security center for the NBA debut.

In Dallas, Doug Christie left Mavericks on Thursday to return to Seattle for a second opinion on his surgically improved right ankle. Daniels Marquis began shooting at Atlanta on Thursday and finished 11 points. Coach Avery Johnson said that while Jerry Stackhouse is not enough to return to action, the Mavericks sometimes use a small set-up because they are somewhat exhausted in the shooting. This can cause great damage when playing large bouncing teams.

Some players are proud of being sixth, but not Corey Maggette. Maggette plays well as sixth but does not like his role: "I'm not a sixth person," he said this week. Wow! Starting from the low forward position Quinton Ross, averaging 8.1 points and 4.6 rebounds, is the team's best defender. Armed Forces should keep tabs on such changes and when players return from injuries as this may affect the team's play. Finally, I leave a warning message about the unlucky Atlanta Hawks. Hawks are NBA's youngest team. Players are on average 23.5 years old. "There are dolls here," said Hawks coach Mike Woodson. "This is what we have to remind ourselves, most people must be in college." Youth is a factor that does not change to Hawk, which means that Atlanta will be bad at all seasons.

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