Dunking Drills – Common and Simple Dunking Workouts

With this dunking drill is very important, and this can lead to a faster slope in the vertical. Also, do not forget to pause and take the breaks while playing basketball tips.

Jumping Rope

Of all these dunking tips this is most self-evident. Just find a regular rope bought in every local sports market and start jumping with both feet for 10 minutes and then skip each foot individually for 10 minutes. Calculate the number of jumps in your mind to increase hops and intensity. Be careful not to rush with you and spend time doing dunking tips.

Stomach Crunch

This is one of the many well-known basketball dunking tips. Begin by lying down on your back and stretching your leg (knee bent) from the width of the shoulder, then put your arm behind your head and slowly raise your shoulders over the ground. Repeat this process 10-20 times and pause. Of all the dunking drills, this is your job for most abs and will start to feel burn after the 15th lift.

Steps Ups

This practice is not similar to other dunking drills because you will need to supplement your supplies. You will need a staircase, stairs and dumbbells. Let's start by increasing the box with dumbbells (make sure the back is straight!) And let's go down. Choose a weight that is difficult enough to feel the weight, but it should not be too heavy to cause injury to your back. Do at least 10 reps with both feet.

Regularly follow these drills and locate over the rim. Take a look at the daily doses that increase the vertical level up to 1 in.