Diet to catch a boy – what to eat is a boy

Science supports the idea that couples are likely to throw away the boy if the egg is fertilized in an alkaline environment. The alkali food and the proper timing of intercourse, the situation and the clenching of clothing makes it more likely that the couple conceived a boy.

It is advisable to eat salty foods and soda. Take a food choice chart when buying and pick the green vegetables that promote alkali

Some tips may seem controversial, but you can dig a little bit deeper to reveal the arguments behind the information provided. Male sperm does not work well in a heated environment, so it is often said that he has to wear loose boxer shorts. It does not cause any harm to wearing such clothes, and the diet that a boy has a vision for has also called for refreshments from hot spas or baths until after the conception.

a diet to imagine a boy? Although it seems ridiculous, research involves the truth of the claim. Anti-cough medicines contain the guaifenesin ingredient, which can claim to help in the cervical mucous membranes. Do not forget to research and read all the advice before trying it just to be safe.

Although it seems weird that women suggest that boys' sperm may be bathed faster by caffeine. Doctors say these ideas are not that ridiculous, but they warn that too much coffee warms the liver. For a diet to imagine a boy, a man needs to drink coffee before sex, but cut it back with time.

When dieting for a boy's idea, this can be done with the ovulation predictor kit, is widely available. Your mobile phone may also have applications that remind you to fix the temperature to get to know your own rhythm. The woman's mood indicates when to have sex, and this reinforces the idea that diet can be understood in a different way for a boy. Keep your time and your sex away from time and diet until religion reaches the uterus's optimum conductivity in ovulation.

Men's sperm is faster swimmers, but they probably die fast, so they need to take care of things that help them along. Be kind, loving and supportive, but use sexual positions that allow for deeper penetration, such as "constant sex" or a woman on top. The deeper the penetration, the more likely that the sperm gets closer to the uterus, and the male sperm gets a better chance of the egg.

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